Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heroes - It's Coming

Looks like the "meet cute" between Elle and Sylar last week WAS to set-up a potential romance. They sure did bond while locked together in that cell at Pinehurst. Arthur throws the two together after telling Sylar that his hunger is for power, not murder. And that he can take any power he wants without killing, via empathy.

Well, we know that is Peter's gift--turns out it's Sylar's as well. Arthur, on the other hand, certainly doesn't seem like the warm and fuzzy empathetic type.

He certainly wasn't empathetic while wiping Hiro's mind. Ando lunges at Arthur to save his friend, but is halted in mid-air. Arthur is distracted by the newly beheaded tribal guy's painting of an eclipse. Ando manages to crawl to Hiro and tells him to teleport them out of there. Hiro, mind wiped clean, has no idea what Ando is talking about. Ando physically squeezes Hiro's eyes shut to make him blink so the two can be teleported to safety.

(So Hiro's power is like I Dream of Jeannie now? How lame is that?)

Hiro thinks he's ten--which isn't surprising since he mostly acts like he's ten. Ando has to explain to him about his teleportation ability and how to do the Jeannie blink thingy. "You have to try harder! Make your cheeks wobble!" implores Ando.

Hiro teleports the two to a comic book store where they find the comic book of Hiro's adventures. Turning the pages, they come across a picture of an eclipse--just like the tribal guy's painting. The caption under the picture: "It's Coming..."

Mohinder works to get the formula to work properly--but he can't create powers without a corresponding adverse reaction. He notes that our current crop of heroes had their power manifest during the eclipse. Arthur tells Mohinder that the formula is missing a catalyst. When Mohinder asks what the catalyst is, Arthur tells him it isn't something but someONE.

Nathan comes face-to-face with dearly departed Daddy who tells him that he is his favorite. But Nathan isn't up for being manipulated--by Arthur anyway. Tracy strikes a deal with Arthur to get Nathan to come over to Arthur's side. But who is she playing--Nathan or Arthur?

More romantic sparks (although not the electrical kind) flying between Matt and Daphne. At Primatech, Matt runs into the tribal guy--with head intact. Then he and Daphne stumble upon the catatonic Angela. Matt uses his "brain mojo thingy" to enter Angela's mind and free her. He comes up against Arthur inside Angela's mind, but Daphne manages to intercede by telling Matt she cares about him.


Matt and Angela escape Arthur's grip--and then Peter and Claire show up. Angela explains that Arthur had retrieve both halves of the formula--but he's missing the third piece. The catalyst resides in the blood of a human host. Claire recalls how Sylar said she was different from the others--special--when he opened her brain.

She realizes SHE is the catalyst.

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