Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heroes - 1961

Last night's episode was lacking Sylar, Danko, Hiro, Ando and both Matt Parkmans. What it wasn't lacking in was stilted on-the-nose dialogue.

We did get to see the beginning of "The Company" with a teen-aged Angela, Charles DeVeaux, Linderman and Bob joining forces after meeting at a relocation camp. The camp was headed up by a young Dr. Suresh--Mohinder's Dad.

I loved how they tried to make Dr. Suresh the elder (in his younger days) look like this nice guy--as he pulls out a big ass needle and tells his young patients, "This won't hurt a bit."


"My father was Dr. Mengele?" says a horrified Mohinder.

Interesting historical revision given in season one we were led to believe that Suresh the elder's interest in "abilities" was a result of his daughter Shanti's untimely death.

Anyway, Angela is searching for her sister who she believed to have died in the massacre at Coyote Sands fifty years ago. She's been dreaming about Alice and feels that somehow she is still alive.

Alice has the ability to control the weather and when storms start whipping up at Coyote Sands, Angela believes it's Alice. While young Alice had coal-black eyes and hair like Angela, old Alice appears to Angela with a mane of Medusa-like hair and the coloring of a blonde.

It's not surprising that, since being reassociated with the show, Bryan Fuller would cast one of his favorite actresses. Scarwid played the mom on Wonderfalls and had a three episode arc on Pushing Daisies. She's a wonderful actress, but she looks nothing like Cristine Rose.

Another interesting factoid: the building in the relocation camp where experiements were performed was Building 26.

Next episode is titled "I am Sylar." I can hardly wait!

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