Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Heroes - I Am Sylar

If it weren't enough that Sylar has regenerative powers and can shapeshift, he is now officially indestructible. Danko put a knife in the back of his head, but Sylar just pulled it back out saying, "That hurt."

Sylar spent most of the episode titled "I Am Sylar" with a massive identity crisis. Turns out shapeshifting isn't all it's cracked up to be. Even stealing Clint Howard's ability (which is getting acting roles with little or no acting talent thanks to A-list brother Ronnie...) doesn't cheer Sylar up.

Apparently Sylar's shapeshifting comes from contact with DNA. And so as Agent Taub he orders the evidence from the unsolved murder of his adopted mom, Virginia Grey. (Unsolved? Really? Serial killer Sylar aka Gabriel Grey is her son, but they have no clue who murdered her?) It was good to see Ellen Greene (Pushing Daisies) again. With the recent appearances of Ellen, Swoosie and Diana Scarwid it's a regular Bryan Fuller reunion. If he manages to insert Lee Pace into the season finale next week, I'll be beside myself with joy!

Greene is a pretty amazing actresses, chameleon-like almost. I recognized her voice but was confused by her appearance which was very un-Vivian Charles-like. I had to look up who played the role on IMDB in order to satisfy my curiosity...Anyway, Sylar goes into major Oedipal complex mode shapeshifting back and forth between himself and his murdered Mom.

His conversations with Mom bring out his nurturing side and he steps in to save Micah when Danko's agents are hot on Rebel's trail. Shapeshifting into Micah, he takes a bullet allowing the young hero to escape. Later Micah is creeped out when he witnessed Sylar's conversations with his "mother." In a huge continuity error, Micah (who watched Sylar distract the agents by shifting into Rebel) seems surprised that Sylar is a shapeshifter.

This seemed to be an excuse for Micah to tell Sylar that his deceased mother Nikki had a similar ability. "I'm not your mother," Sylar snarls.

No, but you are YOUR mother, Sylar...

It's Micah who gives Sylar the idea to shapeshift into Nathan. Pleading with Sylar he tells him, "You’ve forgotten who you really are...You don’t have to be alone...You can save us all!"

When Nathan sees Sylar on TV as him, he rushes back to D.C. to get to the President before Sylar can--because all Sylar has to do is shake the President's hand and whoosh! He's the President.

That's even easily than getting Karl Rove to rig ballots!

Face to face with Nathan, Sylar is about to do his finger forehead slice thingy when Danko arrives and shoot Nathan with tranquilizing darts. He then puts the knife in the back of Sylar's head to no avail...

Meanwhile Hiro and Ando continue their comic relief antics. Ando names himself the "Crimson Arc." Hiro muses that the name is "dangerous, yet ladylike." The two finally come to an agreement, but when Hiro goes to stop time outside Building 26 he gets a pain in his head and a nosebleed. Well, as we all know, time travel will do that to you.

Oh wait--that's another show...

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