Wednesday, April 1, 2009

LOST: You know that whatever happened, happened

George is back with some tantalizing teasers for tonight's episode of LOST:

Hello LOSTies,

"You were right about me...I am a killer"...And with that..BANG BANG...down goes Ben thanks to a bullet from Sayid. ABC even went to say it was "one of the most shocking moments in LOST history. But remember what Daniel said. "Whatever happened, happened"...Umm...wait..isn't that the name of tonight's episode? hehe..Yes...but before we get into tonight lets walk through "He's Our You".

Sayid's flashback showed us him as a young kid protecting his scared brother by killing a chicken. Late we would see him end his jobs against Widmore when he kills Ivan Andropov. Sayid shoots him dead in a building called "32 Oldham Pharmaceuticals". This is ironic, because it would be Oldham who administers the laced sugar cube during Sayid's interrogation on the island. After leaving the docks, Sayid ventures off to a bar in LA and gets tipsy with Ilana, who turns out to be a bounty hunter hired by the family of Peter Avellino, the italian guy Sayid killed in "The Economist". But here's the Italian family hires her to take her prisoner to Guam?? I call shenanigans...there's more than meets the eye to Ilana. Ilana is currently on Hydra Island in 2007 with Ben, Locke, and Caesar.

Back in 1977, Radzinsky continues to freak out over Sayid seeing the plans for the Swan station. After watching Ben get whopped by Roger, Sawyer gives Sayid one more chance to follow his plan : that Sayid wants to defect to DHARMA in exchange for secrets and protection. Unfortunately, Sayid does not want to continue the lie, so the mob takes him to Oldham, DHARMA's torturer. After succumbing to the meds, Sayid tells them about both plane crashes and 3 stations (the Swan, Pearl, and the Flame). He also goes on to mention the "Purge" of 1992, when Ben betrays DHARMA and kills everyone.

Amy leads a passionate plea to kill Sayid. Hurley tells Kate about Sawyer and Juliet. Juliet and Kate come to a civil understanding over Sawyer and Juliet's relationship. Kate figures out that Jack knew all along. Just as Sawyer is about to confront Kate, a burning DHARMA van comes barreling through DHARMAville. As the DHARMA peeps start helping their own, Ben frees Sayid and begs for Sayid too take him with him. After knocking Jin out, Sayid shoots Ben.

And now on to tonight's episode "Whatever Happened, Happened"....

In celebration of Aprils Fool Days, some of these may or may not be true...hehehe...

1) You will see what became of Aaron.
2) You will learn what Sawyer whispered to Kate in the helicopter.
3) Miles begins an affair with Pierre Chang's wife.
4) Hurley wants to get all Marty McFly on you.
5) A star from Tyler Perry's "The Family That Preys" will begin a role called Erik.
6) Horace starts to believe the LOSTaways aren't who they say they are.
7) The hostiles confronts DHARMA.

Oh and just to let you know about the rumor that M. Night Shaymalan directing the series finale..that's the producers April fools on you...or is it??
Okay, for those of us acting under the assumption that Miles is Pierre Chang's son, does the possibility of him having an affair with Pierre Chang's wife mean he might be his own father?

Yeah--that would be seriously twisted...

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