Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Heroes - Turn and Face the Strange

The title of last night's episode comes from David Bowie's Changes. Despite Mohinder exclaiming to Hiro that Matt had changed, the only one changing was Sylar courtesy of his new shapeshifting power.

When Sandra first showed up to see Noah, I was sure it was actually Sylar in shapeshifting mode. Turns out that Sylar was being Danko. I loved his line to the albino midget: "You really ought to have that mole checked. You know the one I mean." Noah definitely doesn't buy that his nemesis is dead and, despite Angela's warning to leave it alone, he goes to the crematorium and pulls the spike out of "Sylar's" head and gets it tested for DNA.

Later Sandra shows up to serve him with divorce papers telling him that their marriage is just a cover so Noah can go around shooting people--but this time it IS Sylar. Noah gets a clue when 1. the DNA report comes back as James Martin and 2. Sandra's signature on the divorce papers doesn't match.

Noah goes to "Sandra's" hotel room to confront Sylar--but this time it IS Sandra. A well-timed phone call from Lyle prevents Noah from making a huge mistake. Noah confronts Danko by pretending to be Sylar (it would have been really awesome if Danko had actually been Sylar) and gets him to admit that Sylar is posing as one of his agents.

Noah shoots the agent thinking Sylar's regeneration powers will prove his theory. But it turns out that Danko was setting him up and the agent is dead. Noah trains his gun on Danko and then makes his escape. Later, Sylar regenerates and when Danko makes a comment about the blood, he says "I squeezed out a little extra for show."

Back to Matt Parkman--although Mohinder insists that he's changed, Matt's revenge crusade fails when he can't pull the trigger. Literally. He manages to find Emile's Achille's heel in the form of Alena. But he can't bring himself to shoot her. He does manage to expose Danko's double life and wreck their relationship. But as Danko doesn't have the same lack of conpunction in trigger pulling, Parkman escapes being shot only by Hiro managing to show up and stop time in the nick of time.

Then Hiro reunites big Matt Parkman with his son, baby Matt Parkman and now big Matt has a reason to live again after Daphne's death. Another reunion took place in the desert at a place called "Coyote Sands." Or maybe it was "Coyote Sam's." I thought Angela called it "Coyote Sam's, but that sounds like a Looney Tunes character...

Peter and Angela arrive at the abandoned encampment and Nathan and Claire fly in to meet them. Noah shows up and Mohinder, who found evidence of the location in his father's notes, should be there soon. Coyote Sands (or Sam's), according to Angela, "is where our story really begins." She hands everyone shovels and tells them to dig. Nathan comes across a skull and asks Angela if it was anyone she knew.

"I knew all of them..." Angela replies.

Sounds like we've got the mass grave from the Dharma purge. Oh wait--wrong channel, wrong show.

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