Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LOST - Computing the Variable

Once again, George gives us the lowdown on what happened and what's gonna happen on our favorite show ('cuz as we all know--whatever happened, happened!):

Hello LOSTies,

You know who I felt bad for in "Some Like It Hoth"? Not Miles finding out Pierre was his dad and him having abandonment issues, not Roger who grew suspicious of Kate, but Phil who got knocked out by Sawyer after he revealed that he knew that he helped Kate kidnap Ben.

Awesome things from the episode were:
- Hurley writing "Empire Strikes Back" (with a few changes)
- Hurley and Miles seeing the number get stamped into the metal at the Swan Station
- Alvarez being killed by his filling shooting through his skull by the electromagnetic forces.
- Naomi taking Miles to Felix. Felix was carrying grave pictures and an invoice for an old plane to Charles Widmore.
- The revelation that it WAS Charles that set up the fake Oceanic crash off of Burma.

The biggest revelation went back to "what lies in the shadow of the statue?". Bram, who is on Hydra Island with Ilana, momentarily captured Miles and told him NOT to go to the island. But since Miles wanted double what Naomi was asking, Bram just let him out with a warning that he was working for the wrong side. This begs the question....Who's side is Ilana and Bram on???? Not Widmore, pretty sure not Ben's....hmmm...could they be...DHARMA????

So on to tonight....

One of the most critically acclaimed episodes of LOST's history was the Desmond-themed "The Constant" from season 4. At the end of that episode a shocking revelation occurred when Daniel's notebook said "Desmond Hume is my CONSTANT". Well what is the opposite of a constant in a science experiment?? That's right "The Variable", tonight's episode, the 100th episode of LOST. LOST writers pulled out all the tricks for tonight's get ready to ride the roller coaster!

You will probably need to see this episode multiple times but if you like "The Constant" or "Flashes Before Your Eyes", you will love tonight. From pianos to a baby daddy, from gifts between friends to reminders of Boone and Shannon. Whether you are from the past, the present, or the future one thing is for sure....tonight will blow your mind. But the biggest twist will shock everyone...someone may not survive this episode....

2 weeks left to the finale people...
Reminders of BOONE?!!! Are we gonna get to see hottie Ian Somerhalder on tonight's episode? Fingers crossed!

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