Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Love You, Man

Hollie was absolutely right about this one: so, so funny.

Paul Rudd is perfection as the awkward, semi-wussified Peter Klaven. Actually, the entire cast is wonderful from Jason Segel as overgrown man-child Sidney Fife, Rashida Jones as Peter's super cool fiancee, Andy Samberg as Peter's gay brother and Jane Curtin and J. K. Simmons as his parents.

But the movie belongs to Rudd. Every facial expression, mannerism, reaction and line delivery is pitch perfect. A comedy about male-bonding could have easily degenerated into a raunch-fest of projectile vomiting and fart jokes. Actually, there IS projectile vomiting in this movie, but for the most part the humor comes from a sense of real authenticity.

Even Jason Segel's Sidney seems flesh and bone rather than overdone caricature. If Will Ferrell had played the part there'd be a scene of him running around in his underwear. Not so with Segel. He plays Sidney with a combination of arrested development and sagacious wisdom. The film, in fact, does a great job blending comedy with an honest, realistic and smart look at relationships.

Smart, funny, sweet--this is a classic!

In addition, I loved seeing shots of some of my fave L.A. spots throughout the film.

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