Wednesday, April 8, 2009

LOST: Dead is dead...or is it?

George gives us some more teasers to tantalize us until 9 pm tonight:

"Hello LOSTies,

"Welcome back to the land of the living" - John Locke to Ben Linus.

Kate's flashback episode explained quite a bit to us including her unraveling Jack's lies to Cassidy and Carole. One of the biggest answers came when Kate told Carole the truth and then proceeded to leave Aaron in the care of grandmother. Back in 1977, Jin brings a bleeding Ben back to the Barracks. Juliet starts to work on him since the doctor is at the Looking Glass station. But even she can go so far, as she needs Jack's help. As he did before, Jack flat out told Juliet that he wouldn't operate on Ben.

So instead of letting him die (after a conversation with Roger), Kate decides to take matters in her own hands. With Juliet's help, Kate takes Ben out to the jungle. She is later joined by Sawyer. In the jungle, they are met by a group of Hostiles, including Erik (a new, but important character). Sawyer demands to see Richard and gets his chance. Sawyer and Kate ask for the Hostiles to save Ben's life.

Erik puts up an opposition saying that Ellie (who is Eloise Hawking, Daniel Faraday's mother) and Charles (Widmore) wouldn't like it. After Richard says he doesn't answer to them, he takes Ben with one warning: that Ben will not be the same after he goes back, nor will he remember what happened to him. Richard then takes Ben to the Temple and opens the door to take him inside. Ben wakes up in 2007/8 to find Locke staring at him.

Some interesting points about the episode include Miles and Hurley's chat about time travel. The scene was written before the season started to explain time travel to the casual LOST viewer, in case they were lost. It's funny how the LOSTaways are the ones who make Ben the man he becomes. And that "Temple" keeps coming up again this season...and there is a reason why..I just won't tell you yet :)

On to tonight's episode "Dead Is Dead"....

Tonight we head on over to the Ajira crash in 2007/8 on Hydra Island. Time to catch up with Ben, Locke, Sun, Frank, Caesar, and Ilana. Ben's plan comes to fruition to Locke's destiny. Tonight is Ben's flashbacks. Aren't you loving the return of flashbacks??

Tonight, the blanks will be filled on: How he took _________ from ___________, did _________ know that Ben wasn't her __________, why was Ben bloody at the docks, and possibly what is __________. Between redemption and comeuppance, between a shocking revelation in Alex's bedroom and Ben/Widmore's rules...lies the story of a man, Benjamin Linus, who is about to face all his demons, fears, and actions. The judgment may just be what LOST fans have been waiting for since season 2.

Oh, two sides notes:

1) Has anyone seen "I Love You Man"?? Go see it, I loved it!! There is an awesome LOST shout-out from Paul Rudd!
2) Harold Perrineau (ex-Michael Dawson, LOST) debut's along side Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily Quartermaine, General Hospital), Jeremy Renner (Doyle, 28 Weeks Later), Adam Goldberg (ex-Nick Rubenstein, Entourage), and Monique Curnen (Det. Anna Ramirez, The Dark Knight) on ABC's newest show "The Unusuals" tonight after LOST!
Another rec for I Love You Man! Guess that's what I'll be seeing this Sunday...

I'm looking forward to seeing how Ben got all beaten before the plane crash. Hopefully it had nothing to do with Desmond and Penny. Or if it did, that Ben ended up in worse shape than either of them...

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