Monday, April 20, 2009

Desperate Housewives - Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know

Last night marked the end of Edie on Desperate Housewives.

I, for one, will miss her.

There was no "will she make it"? cliffhanger. Edie pretty much bought the farm within seconds of the show. Performing a Mary Alice like voiceover (I'm thinking an Edie voiceover might be way more fun than the arch Mary Alice) throughout the episode, Edie showed us the lighter and nicer side of everyone's favorite "aging neighborhood tramp" as Marc Cherry put it.

Sheridan's had comments of her own on her final ouster from Wisteria Lane. But whatever went down between the two, Sheridan's last show was a fitting tribute to one of the more interesting characters on Desperate Housewives. "I died just as I lived--as the complete and utter center of attention," said Edie in the opening moments of the show.

From warning Susan about Karl's infidelity to refusing to let Lynette wallow while fighting cancer, to shaming Bree into visiting Orson in jail, Edie finally got her due. Sexy, strong, perceptive, beautiful, one of a kind. Sigh--if saving money was the issue, why not kill off annoying Susan?

Unfortunately Edie died before being able to warn Mike about Dave.


  1. I'll miss Edie, too: her wit, her friendship with Mrs. M., the whole package. But at least Jackson's returning. Too bad he never got to "play" with Edie.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Gale Harold's return. It'll be interesting to see what happens with his relationship with Susan (he could do much better!).