Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LOST: Some like it hoth, Some like it cold

George primes us for tonight's Miles-centric episode:

Hello LOSTies,

"What lies in the shadow of the statue?"

Well lets get through the recap, because the tease for tonight is so hoth. So in 1977, Fabio-lookalike Charles Widmore rode on his mighty horse as the leader of the Hostiles. Upset at Richard for bringing a DHARMAite into their territory, eventually it was decided to use Ben as a spy. In 1989, while still a DHARMAite, Ben and Ethan enacted the plan to kill Danielle and Alex. Unfortunately, Ben was not as smooth back in 89 as he is now. After seeing Alex, Ben spared Danielle's life and took the baby back to Hostile Jungle. This time, Charles was upset at Ben for not killing them and left Ben to be Alex's caretaker, against his judgement.

Sometime after the Purge, when the Hostiles took over DHARMA property, Charles was removed from the island, banished because of his dalliances in the outside world. With Charles gone, Ben becomes the leader of the "Others". In 2007/8, Ben does approach the marina. But when Desmond tries to stop him, Ben shoots him in the chest. Strutting along the marina, Ben confronts Penny. But, history repeating itself, when he sees Charlie, Ben could not bring himself to kill Penny (or Charlie). It wouldn't have mattered because Desmond gave Ben the beat down that caused him to become bloody when he boarded the Ajira flight.

On Hydra Island, Ben tries to put some doubt into Caesar's mind about John, so that he can detain him. But when Caesar was just talkative and no real action, Ben shot him and used it to gain Locke's trust in heading to the main island. On the main island, Ben and Locke meet up with Frank and Sun at Ben's old house (the Risk game from 2005 still on the table). Ben went into the catacombs and unclogged the drain (?) to summon Smokey.

When Smokey didn't arrive quickly, Locke led Ben to the Temple, where Locke was almost captured by Smokey. Once down under the outer wall of the Temple, Ben entered the Hieroglyphics chamber where Anubis (what the big statue was) and Smokey looked to be together. Smokey entered the chamber and began to show Ben his life with Alex. Smokey took on the form of Alex (similar to how Yemi showed up for Eko). After Ben admits to causing everything that led to Alex's death, Smokey Alex let him live but not without a warning, to become a follower of Locke, or else Ben will be destroyed.

Meanwhile, Frank get back at the Hydra island and is met by Jed, who tells him that Ilana and others have weapons. Ilana and Bram pull guns on Frank and she asks "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" When he can't answer, she knocks him out with the butt of her gun, and tells Bram to get everyone else and that Frank is coming with them. Go back to season 2 when Desmond asked Locke "What did one snowman say to the other?" and that's how Desmond knew Locke wasn't "Him".

Now on tonight..."Some Like It Hoth"

Hoth, for you Star Wars novices, is the icy and snowy planet at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back. Its main area is Echo Base, which was a great defense to get Rebel intelligence out of Hoth if it was discovered by the Empire. Now what does this have to do with tonight's "LOST"? Guess you have to wait and see.

This is known as the 2nd of the "The Answers" episodes. Last week, this week, and April 29th's episode are "The Answer" episodes. So what will we find? How about the story of Miles! Our resident ghost talker's life will be addressed in this one and this poor character has seen a lot in his young life. This episode makes me want to eat sandwiches and tacos! For those of you that loved Miles and Hurley arguing over time travel, you will get more of this comedic duo tonight as well. But it's not all fun and games as Ben's disappearance from the infirmary is noticed and doubting eyes are cast. It's not like he was kidnapped or anything, right? Someone needs a package delivered to someone important in DHARMA. Why was Miles picked by Naomi? Why did he want $3.2 million from Ben? Why is Breaking Bad's Hank in this episode as a character named Howard???

Get ready to laugh and be shocked at one of the revelations in this episode...get your light sabers iPhone/iPod Touch apps ready!!

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