Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is when you know you're really, really tired...

I have to say that after moving and cleaning and dealing with all the assorted @#$% that goes with it, I'm exhausted. Actually, I'm beyond exhausted. The light from exhausted would take 30 billion years to reach where I am.

And as if the aching muscles and zombified energy level weren't enough of a clue, I got another reminder this morning:

I've always had nightmares where I'm taking out my contact lenses and each eye has a seemingly unending amount of lenses on them. I keep popping them out (the benefits of rigid gas permeables...), one after another after another.

Silly dream, huh?

This morning I actually put my right contact lens in my left eye. Doh! Then I pop it out and put it in my right eye. Then I take the left contact lens and also put it in my right eye. I discovered this when I couldn't see clearly and figured I'd gotten a smudge of something on the lens. Popped it out and realized that I had two lenses now stuck together.

Getting them unstuck was quite a challenge.

This (and other assorted events transpiring over the last couple of weeks) would be quite humorous if it were happening to somebody else...

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