Friday, March 6, 2009

Ugly Betty and The Office - Sugar Daddy and Blood Drive

Was anyone surprised that the always-forgetting-his-wallet Matt was the anonymous donor of the $1ok the Suarez's needed to buy their house?

Me neither.

After Ignacio loses the Kitchen Rumble, a cashier's check for the down payment to avoid eviction mysteriously appears. Betty is sure that Daniel is behind it, but he is too busy trying to save Meade Publishing. While on a date with Matt, who finally remembered his wallet, Betty notices the signature on the credit card bill matches the one on the cashier's check.

Matt admits, "My family is sort of really wealthy." "Did you just say billions?" responds a confused Betty. Matt insists Betty take the money. "We throw money like this at charity all the time!" he insists.

Wrong answer.

The Kitchen Rumble guy shows up admitting that the contest was actually fixed--but that he's offered Ignacio a job in his restaurant AND purchased the recipe which should have won for $10k.

So the Suarez family is not homeless and Betty accepts Matt's apology. "I will never try to buy your house again," he promises. He also admits that he's kinda into her.


Although Willie and Daniel try to show their economizing by taking the bus to the Congressional Hearings for the print media bail-out, they slip up later. At a strategy lunch, Daniel tries to sympathize with Willie over Connor, but she's not having any of it. When she asks about Molly, Daniel puts her off but she manages extract the news that Molly is dying of cancer. "Well, now you've made me feel awkward," Willie tells him. They order a bottle of wine to commiserate, but a photographer captures the moment of their indulgence and their bailout request is denied.

But Daniel decides to man up and liquidate his assets to keep the company afloat. Willie, inspired by his commitment, says she'll contribute as well. Betty tells him he's really brave, but he tells her he feels like a coward for letting Molly go. Betty encourages him to go after her, which he does, and the two are tearfully reunited.


Marc meets a cute single Dad and uses Willie's baby to make a love connection. "What do you do with a baby?" he asks Amanda. "I don't know. Lie to it. Pretend that it's yours. Never tell it that it was adopted," replies the still bitter Amanda. Marc manages to get Christina to loan him William under the reasoning that Willie wants him to bond with her baby.

"No piercings. No tattoos!" Christina warns him and she hands over the infant. But Marc's date shows up without baby, so he pawns William off on an off guard Amanda who turns him back over to the capable Christina. Christina muses about the difference about being William's birth mother and his REAL mother, and Amanda realizes that her adopted parents were still her PARENTS.

Marc's date didn't go quite as planned. "He just talked about his stupid baby the whole time," he sulks. "Sorry I left you stranded with the Willi-mini," he tells Amanda.

Best line of the night.

Reunited: the Suarez family with their house, Betty and Matt, Daniel and Molly, Amanda and her parents.

All in all a good episode.

I wonder why the "Valentine's" themed episode of The Office wasn't shown three weeks ago. No matter--it was still quite funny.

The opening had Pam dealing with a phone vendor trying to sell a new system that would eliminate 95% of her job. "But I'd like to see a machine that puts out candy for everyone!" she asserts.

"A vending machine," she deflates realizing.

Jim steps in and pretends to be Michael to deal with the vendor, but at that moment Michael comes out of his office and calls him "Jimbo." Jim can't use Michael's name without alerting the salesman to the fact that Michael is indeed in the office--so he just goes, "Heeeyyyyy!!!" Which leads Michael to respond with, "Heeeeyyyy!" and Dwight, not to be left out, to chime in with "Heeeyyy!!!" and the salesman deciding to beat a hasty retreat.

But as I mentioned, it's Valentine's Day and the best most of the office has to look forward to is the annual blood drive. Kelly thinks she's received a Valentine from a secret admirer and reads the card: "Roses are red, Violets are blue, it's time for your dental cleaning and maybe a check-up, too!" Kevin is still mourning the exit of his fiancee.

Michael, still smarting over Holly, puts Pam's flower arrangement from Jim on the floor. "These people need to be protected from having love shoved in their faces!" he declares. When Pam and Jim refuse to cooperate, he decides "Then we are going to have our own private Valentine's party!"

At the bloodmobile, Dwight claims "I've trained my major blood vessels to retract into my body." Michael is squeamish about donating, but manages some flirtatious banter with a fellow donor. "I feel like a juice box!" he jokes. "Hawaiian blood punch...Type O-cean Spray." This amuses the woman next to him who tells him he's cute. But before he can make his move, Michael passes out and when he regains consciousness, the woman is gone.

At the Valentine's party, Michael encourages his staff to talk about their worst relationship story. He tells Dwight, "There has to be a way to get all these lonely people together..." "A net?" suggests Dwight.

But Micheal has a better idea: a mixer for the entire building. "I'm going to shoot my sparrow at unsuspecting victims!" Michael declares. Of course he has the ulterior motive of meeting up with the cute blood donor again. "You met a woman giving blood? That is so romantic!" gushes Kelly. "I think our blood bags touched," Michael confides.

But the cute blood donor doesn't show up. Dwight tries to sell his romantic prospect paper, but when she extricates herself he tells her, "Thanks for wasting my time tonight!" "You don't deserve her," sighs Michael. Kevin has better luck with his "match" after he confesses to her, "I get nervous talking to pretty girls," which earns him her e-mail address.

Michael decides that even though his Cinderella didn't show up to the party, the fact that he was ready to move on from Holly was progress enough.

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