Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Adventures in Moving

My life is about cleaning, lifting, dragging, packing, unpacking. This weekend I moved over some food and some shoes. Of course, you're saying to yourself, food and shoes---that makes sense!

Even after paring down my shoes, I still have too many pairs for my new closet. I think the rarely worn will get put on a shelf or something.

Found a bigger rug for the bathroom, but now the bathroom door won't close. Hopefully they can fix that. With brand new bamboo floors, I wanted to make sure it was covered up to protect it as much as possible. The shower curtain is up and the bath mat is down. I just need some privacy film for the window and to move my stuff in.

Bought little plastic storage containers to put nuts, pasta and my chocolate in. Started stacking stuff up on the new little shelf I bought last weekend. It works really well! Started putting shelf liner down, but I forgot to bring my handy-dandy step stool and so I couldn't reach above the first shelf and the drawers. The rest will have to wait 'til Friday.

In the morning I bought an IKEA TV stand from someone off Craigslist. It took much maneuvering to get it into the Protege. Then it was even harder getting it out again! It got knocked up a bit in the process--I really need a hatchback...

Back at the old place I took down the windows and screens and hanging blinds and hosed them off. Took a break from that to drive out to Culver City to check out a hammock. Unfortunately the frame was welded together from being so old, so there was no way it would fit into my little Mazda. The guy selling it offered to drive it over to my place in his SUV, but it was even too big to fit into that! So he tied it to his roof and we drove VERY slowly to the new place.

I gave him an extra ten bucks for his trouble.

Back home I finished cleaning and rehanging the blinds. Then I realized I had missed the bathroom window. While removing that, I noticed the ledge underneath the window was covered in a sooty soap scum. So I cleaned that and washed off the window, but while replacing the window I sliced my finger. I managed to get the window back in, but there was a smudge of blood on the outside. I had to remove the window, clean off my blood and replace it again.


Today I managed to take a bit of a break from the move catching a flick for the first time in WEEKS (review to follow...), but I also took a big bag of stuff to Goodwill, another bag of stuff to the new place, straightened up the old place so the landlord could show it AND cleaned my stove!

Going back to work tomorrow is going to feel like a vacation!

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