Friday, March 20, 2009

Ugly Betty and The Office - The Sex Issue and New Boss

The title of last night's episode of Ugly Betty was highly appropriate--it was indeed all about "sex issues":

The first was those Hilda and Archie, who were generating no "heat" after several dates. Hilda is all set to dump the Karate Kid until an ex-girlfriend shows up and suddenly Mr. Nice Guy Councilman becomes way more appealing.

I would have found it amusing if Archie had arranged the ex drop by as a pre-emptive strike, but he seemed surprised at the ensuing catfight--albeit kinda turned on to have two women fighting over him.

Willie's sex issues were the "lack of" variety--although it's more of a "lack of SLEEP" thing. Marc arranges for a night nanny--aka hot manny. Willie complains to Marc who insists that the hot manny is indeed qualified: "He’s a former model and he’s done diaper commercials!"

Willie sexes it up for the manny, who gently rebuffs her but comforts her as she cries over Connor. A good cry provides Willie the cathartic release she needs and she thanks the manny then tells him, "And since we won’t be having sex, now you’re fired."

Daniel and Molly's sex issues rears its head in the form of a poem that Molly wants to read a poetry slam. Betty points out the sexual imagery to Daniel telling him that the crying rock is his head. "Rock's don't cry!" insists Daniel.

He asks Molly not to read the poem. "It's embarassing," he tells her. But after Betty confronts him, he mans up and tells Molly that he would be proud if she read it. He further shows his love for her by serenading her with an awful rock ballad he wrote as a teenager.

Knowing how things work on these shows, the writers will probably have Molly die during May sweeps. I'm sure I will be bawling my eyes out...

The final sex issue was between Matt and Betty. Following their monthiversary, Betty is ready to take things to the next level with Matt. Matt, on the other hand, pushes Betty into a cab after their date, completely ignoring the fact that she was wearing lipgloss.

Amanda tells her, "Bolder is better" and tells her, "I am going to personally teach you how to be sexy." Betty shows up at the old apartment they shared and waxes nostalgic--which inspires Amanda to remark, "I miss the me I was with us."

I loved that line...

Despite Marc and Amanda's best efforts to teach Betty how to be sexy, Matt races out of the apartment when Betty tries her new moves on him. The besties accompany Betty as she goes to confront Matt about last night and end up tailing him across town. "The bagel has landed!" Marc announces as Matt comes to a stop. But then the trio spy him hugging a blonde--who turns out to be his therapist.

Turns out sweet Matt is a former sex addict. Yikes! This information freaks Betty out so that she imagines every woman in the vicinity is someone Matt has had sex with. But when Matt tells her that she won't be just a number with him, because it's the "First time I’ve ever been with a woman I really care about."


I'm still a bit skeeved out about the whole sex addict thing, though.

The Office began, as usual, with a Jim prank on Dwight. This time, Jim mocks Dwight's memo addressing "professionalism" by wearing a tuxedo to the office. During the planning of Michael's 15th anniversary, Dwight is thwarted by Jim at every turn.

"You're just agreeing with him because he's wearing a tuxedo!" he tells Michael in frustration.

When Jim suggests Mr. Peanut as a way to class up the festivities, Dwight objects saying, "Mr. Peanut is not classy. He’s a regular peanut!"

Jim's tuxedo backfires when the new VP for the Northeast region shows up. Lacking a sense of humor, Charles Miner is the antithesis of Michael and the two start butting heads immediately. Michael tells Charles, "Jan would mostly come by when she was super horny and Ryan would mostly come by to visit his parents and do his laundry."

Charles interrupts the PPC during its meeting for Michael anniversary party and quizzes Jim on his great idea: "What's a two-way petting zoo?" "You pet the animals. They pet you back," Jim mutters. Charles ends up canceling Michael's party which puts Michael over the edge.

He is horrified to learn that Charles' previous position was at a steel mill. "Do you even know how paper is made?" he asks. "If you put paper into a furnace you know what would happen? You’d ruin it!" he rants as he storms out to go to New York.

Although Michael wants him gone and Jim's uneasy with the new boss, Charles has two fans in the office: Kelly thinks he looks like a black George Clooney, but Angela thinks she would be a preferable partner for Charles.

Looks like we'll have a future catfight on our hands...

In New York, Michael confronts David Wallace with his patented incoherency: "He said no figs. I already bought them I have no place to store them." David agrees with Michael and tells him that he will find the funds for his celebration, that there will be figs and that he will personally attend the party.

And then Michael quits.

This should be interesting...

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