Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Adventures in Moving

My day yesterday:

Two hours wasted with Verizon. I could go on and on about that nightmare, but I've already lost two hours of my life to these idiots...

Everything set up with the Gas Company, DWP, SoCal Edison plus change of address for my Nordstrom VISA and Rolling Stone magazine. Took less than the two hours wasted on Verizon.

Checked with the cleaners down the street about cleaning my area rug. It will only cost $60, but it will take two weeks and they don't pick up or deliver. Too bad no-one was around to video me as I rolled up my 8 x 11 foot rug, slung it across my shoulder, navigated a flight of stairs and tried to shove it into a Mazda Protege. It would have made a great YouTube video. Standing up with a 100 lbs. of carpet and nearly tipping over--we're talking cartoon comedy...

Constructed my tool shed. It was fairly simple--no screwdrivers necessary. I nearly took off a finger as I somehow managed to get in pinched in between the door. As I'm standing there, in excruciating pain, I'm wondering how the @#$% I'm gonna get my finger extracted. I managed to pull it free. It was mashed up and swollen, but it's fine now.

Also constructed two sets of shelves and bought a third set from someone off Craigslist to shove between my stove and refrigerator for more storage space in the kitchen.

For the brief bit of time I was over at my new place, I noted that it's not quite the peaceful retreat I hoped it would be.


Hopefully I'll be able to at least a decent night's sleep each night.

Is that too much to ask?

Looking forward to going back to work tomorrow and not dealing with moving again until Saturday.

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