Sunday, March 1, 2009

25 Writers Who Have Influenced Me

Megan took the "25 Random Things About Me" meme and kicked it up a notch by creating a list of 25 writers who inspire her.

Inspired by her post, I decided to work up a list of my own. Mine includes novelists, lyricists, columnists, screen and TV writers:

1. Charles Dickens
2. John Irving
3. Joseph Campbell
3. Barbara Kingsolver
4. Amy Tan
5. Dave Barry
6. Michael Chabon
7. Neal Stephenson
8. Zadie Smith
9. Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof
10. All the writer of The Office
11. Richard Bach
12. Lewis Carroll
13. William Goldman
14. Carolyn Hax (Technically she's an advice columnist, but I love her "cut through the bullshit" style...)
15. Judith Martin (I love Miss Manners. Such a distinctive voice!)
16. Ken Levine and David Isaacs
17. Larry Gelbart
18. The Coen Brothers
19. Elvis Costello (Lyrics count as writing, don't they?)
20. Bruce Cockburn (see above)
21. Roddy Frame (etc.)
22. Jeff Lindsay
23. C. S. Lewis
24. Toni Morrison
25. Anonymous (Hey--that guy's written lots of great @#$%!!!)

Who are some of your favorites?


  1. Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Philip Roth, David Halberstam, the guy who started the blog Stuff White People Like and got a book deal. ;-)

  2. So many but I'll pick my tops. I'd say Haruki Murakami, Pat Conroy, Fannie Flag, JJ Abrams, John August (blog and movies) Callie Khouri. So many more but those are off the top of my head.

  3. Esther,

    You are a better woman than I to be able to read Philip Roth! Do you have a favorite work of his to recommend?


    Totally with you on John August. Love, love, love his blog...