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LOST: HE'S OUR YOU and you are too

Here is George's latest insights on last week's episode as well as a few hints on what's coming up for us tonight. I'm wondering if the title "He's Our You" means that the captured Sayid needing to be rescued by his people is the LOSTies version of Ben aka "Henry Gale"?

Anyone else have any ideas?

Hello LOSTies,

"My name is Ben"

Wowsers! Sayid and Ben meet (more on this tonight). Jack and Pierre meet and Jack gets to be a Workman (more on this tonight). Jack and Kate found out about Sawyer and Juliet. But this pales in comparison to the introduction of Radzinsky!

Radzinsky was working the Flame when Jin busted in asking about the Ajira crash, not knowing Ajira crashed in 2007. Radzinsky was shown also piecing together the plans for a new, upcoming station...The Swan.

The Swan WAS the station in Season 2, where Radzinsky (who would kill himself in the Swan after drawing the map on the blast door), Kevin Inman (Sayid's capturer in Iraq who would later be killed by Desmond), Desmond, and the LOSTaways would press that darn "EXECUTE" button every 108 minutes. The Swan's timing is based also around the events of "The Incident", which as I mentioned last week, is the fabled occurrence on the island that would make it required to press the button every 108 minutes and would lead to women not being able to have babies on the island.

In other DHARMA news, Phil grew suspicious of Jack when he said "James," not "Jim" when speaking of LaFleur. Juliet saved Kate's skin when Phil could not find her paperwork. The group took their 1977 class photo with Jack, Kate, and Hurley. Also, Sawyer pointed out that Daniel was no longer with them, so something must have happened between 1974 (when Horace found Sawyer and the group) to 1977. We also find out the Amy and Horace are Ethan's parents.

Back in 2007, Frank landed the plane on the runway that Kate and Sawyer were helping build in season 3 when they were captured on Hydra Island. Unfortunately, the co-pilot died, but several people survived including Ilana, Caeser, Ben, Locke, Frank and Sun.

Ben is followed by Sun who clues her in on his plan to get back to the main island to find his people. Sun knocks him out and Frank joins her to get there. They arrive at night and walk up to the abandoned processing center where they meet Christian, but not before hearing Smokey in the trees (well at least Smokey is still there in 2007). Christian tells them that they have a long journey ahead of them.

But what you might not have caught is a now controversial scene. In that scene where Sun, Frank, and Christian are talking a woman is clearly scene standing behind Sun. Is it a crew member that accidentally got into the shot or is it part of the story??? ABC has declined to comment, though I'm sure we'll find out soon.

Here is a screenshot:

And now on to tonight..."He's Our You".

Sayid is our focus for the evening. He's now captured as a "Hostile," yet he isn't one. Funny, Ben is becoming one since he's met Richard in the jungle. Ben may have his own ideas when it comes to Sayid. It's almost as if this was a separate reality, but it's really happening. Ben may be able to help out Sayid...but there maybe something Sayid will have to give up.

Meanwhile, Sawyer starts his plan to get Sayid incorporated into DHARMA, continuing his long con. Sawyer has a selfish reason, but also is trying to keep the LOSTaways safe in DHARMAville. One person you will meet tonight is Oldham (played by William Sanderson (ex-EB Farnam, Deadwood; Bud Dearborn, True Blood). Oldham is DHARMA and he ties into the title of the episode quite nicely.

Also tonight, watch for another Workman to appear in DHARMAville. Juliet offers some words to Kate. Also, there is a FLASHBACK!!! tonight involving multiple countries and a child that is in danger.

In the end, will Sawyer's con go as planned or will it blow up in his face? Will Sayid conform or will he be tortured to admit the truth? And with this much someone close to cracking??

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