Monday, March 16, 2009

Desperate Housewives - The Story of Lucy and Jessie

The aftermath of Bradley's murder is that instead of getting fired, Carlos gets his job. Gaby's glee is short-lived, however, when she finds out his ex-girlfriend Lucy will be his second-in-command.

At first she's okay with Lucy taking the job when she sees the zaftig former roommate in person. Carlos: "Okay, so you're not gonna see her on a runway." Gaby: "Well, maybe at an airport..."

Meanwhile Lynette is having trouble landing a job: ageism rears its ugly head in the advertising world. She asks Gaby to put in a good word for her for a Marketing Director's position at his company, but Gaby hems and haws and waffles and shrugs.

Lynette eventually ends up landing a job by lying about her age--as in ADDING years. But Gaby does a reversal and wants her to take the job with Carlos to keep an eye on him and Lucy. Lynette gets a boost in salary, but when she figures out WHY Gaby recommended her she plays with Gaby's mind. The two eventually come to terms with Lynette keeping her inflated salary and Gaby her in-house spy.

Orson's kleptomania continues with Bree confronting him with his misappropriated booty. Her solution is to sneak the items back into the houses of the owners. (She doesn't work to hard at hiding the items, however...) But when she accidentally returns McCluskey's Mexican figurine to Gaby's house, Gaby accuses poor Juanita of stealing it. "Tell me the truth or I'll cancel your birthday party," Gaby threatens. Bree tries to deflect Gaby, but when Juanita suggests that maybe it was BREE who brought the statue into the Solis house, Bree tells Gaby, "Whenever MY children stole, I sent them to bed without any supper!"

Poor Juanita--although the kid does look like she could miss a meal or two...

Bree catches Orson hiding something from Bob and Lee's and drags him in to get counseling. During the session, she doesn't let him get a word in edgewise and I'm thinking "control freak." Orson smirks as she leaves the office telling the doctor that "this is something she can't control. And I love it..."

Susan's storyline featured Swoosie Kurtz as her supervisor at school. (I'm wondering how many redheads can DH handle?) Susan's attempts to garner a positive job evaluation leads to a misunderstanding between her and Jessie when their socializing after work ends up with kiss. Lynette, Bob and Gaby attempt to help Susan figure out what the kiss meant with Gaby going above and beyond with a hands-on demonstration.

(Frankly I thought the Susan-Gaby kiss was way hotter than the Susan-Jessie kiss...)

Lynette suggests, "Let her kiss you again and then sue her!" but Susan decides to confront the issue head-on with Jessie. "You're obviously worried about the lesbian inside trying to get out," Jessie tells her. "I'm more worried about the lesbian outside me trying to get in," Susan nervously responds.

Great line!

During Susan's class there's a whole euphemistic discussion about rhinos vs. gazelles with one of Susan's students piping up, "I like rhinos, too!" "We know, Jeffrey," Jessie snarks, "we've seen you playing hopscotch at recess."


Jessie and Susan finally agree to be friends which has me hoping that Swoosie will be sticking around for a while.

After all, if Dave Wilson/Dash has his way, we'll be short a redhead on DH soon enough. After Katherine bails on the camping trip to do her taxes, he sweet talks her back into the excursion. "If he ever lost you, it would destroy him," Dave tells Katherine. Meanwhile, Edie is hot on the trail of Dave Dash and finds out that not only was his wife Lila killed in the car accident, but that he had a daughter Paige as well.

What Edie didn't find out--at least not in time to stop the camping trip--was that it was Mike who caused the accident.

Will next week be the grand finale in creepy Dave's dastardly plan? The promos say a housewife will die (Last week's said a housewife would kill but it turned out to be Maria, not one of the regular cast...), but maybe it will be Edie seeing as Nicollette Sheridan is poised to leave the show.


  1. I thought this one was terrific, really hilarious. It's almost like the mystery is beside the point because everything else was so funny. My only question is: wouldn't Lynette have put the year she graduated from Northwestern on her resume?

  2. Put her graduation date on her resume even AFTER dealing with all the ageism? Heck no! She's no dummy, that Lynette!

    I love Swoosie. I hope the writers keep her around.

  3. Ok, I'm going to remove my graduation date from my resume immediately!

    And I agree, Swoosie is great.