Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heroes - Shades of Gray

While I enjoyed last night's episode of Heroes, it was filled with anti-climatic moments:

Matt Parkman with the explosives strapped to him, resoled in the first few moments of the show--of course he didn't blow up...

Sylar's inevitable meeting with Daddy Dearest--not quite the Oedipal epic that it was built up to be...

The power plays between Danko and Nathan...


The high points?

Angela's meeting with Danko - Nathan redirects the suspicious Danko into Angela's web. Sucking down oysters, cool as a cucumber, she neatly deflects his inquiries about Nathan. Boy, he sure scurried away quickly when she brought up Angola, didn't he?

Claire's job interview at Sam's Comics: "Flight or invisibility?" she is asked. "What type of hero are you?"

Although Claire is thrown by the questions, I'm thinking they're much more interesting than the standard, "Where do you see yourself in five years?"

Danko arriving home to see the taxidermied bunny sitting on his table and Sylar skulking in the background. Now that's a meet up I'm itching to see--and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Although Nathan managed to get Danko dismissed from the task force, he outs Nathan by shoving him through a window and witnessing his ability to fly. This gets Claire's free pass revoked--although she does manage to help Doyle escape the agents who atr tracking him. Nathan arrives in time to help HER escape the agents as well.

And we saw the return of Hiro and Ando--who instead of heroically saving Matt Parkman, have been enlisted in babysitting Matt Parkman, Jr. Wonder if baby Matt has the brain mojo thingy going on...his other sitter certainly wasted no time getting out of there!

Then there's still the nagging question of the identity of Rebel: Everyone keeps referring to Rebel as "HE"--which could be a way of disguising the fact that Rebel is a female. Either way, we'll have to wait two weeks to find out!


  1. I reckon the identity of Rebel is kinda obvious, in fact I think they telegraphed it a couple of episodes ago and, unless it's a complete misdirection, it's only become more obvious.









  2. I read a theory that Micah was Rebel and it does make a lot of sense given Micah's ability to communicate with and control machines.