Friday, March 27, 2009

The Office - Two Weeks

Just so you know, "" does not make growling and roaring noises, although Jim's aggravated "It's MONSTER, singular," said to an unmotivated Michael was the funniest line of the episode for me.

Everyone was amazed at the news that Michael had quit Dunder-Mifflin. As he recounted the story in excruciating detail to the rest of the office, Pam remarked, "He finally has a story we really want to hear and he knows it."

Michael comes up with the dubious idea to start his own paper company called--drumroll please!--Michael Scott Paper Company. His efforts to recruit Jim, Andy and even sycophant Dwight are unsuccessful. Pam tries to talk sense into him but Michael insists, "This is a dream that I've had since lunch."

New boss Charles catches wind of Michael's plan and has him escorted out by security. Even Toby misses him. Andy muses ,"The whole office seems darker." To which Phyllis replies, "Andy, he's gone. You don't have to kiss his ass anymore."

Michael sneaks back into the office, slithering along the floor to try to convince people to join his new venture. "Come on down and let's crawl out of here together!" he implores his former staff.

Charles catches him and Michael makes a defeated retreat--until Pam decides to join him.

With no receptionist, Charles appoints Kevin to cover phones and puts Stanley in charge of productivity. Other than Angela and Kelly--who continue to mack on Charles--no-one seems to like the new boss. Wonder how long until there's an office-wide mutiny?

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