Wednesday, March 4, 2009

LOST: What or who is LA FLEUR?

Last week George's e-mail got trapped in my spam folder for some reason. Maybe because he's up to over 1,600 names on his e-mail list. There's a lot of us obsessed LOST fans out there, that's for sure!

But I've corrected the e-mail glitch and this week's update was received without any problems:

"Hello LOSTies,

"That's the man who killed me" - John Locke to Caesar

And what a way to die, John Locke...dying that same way your father did..being choked. But the biggest twist was who did it. Ben Linus is a bad, bad man. I'm rooting for Charles from this point on LOL! Let's take a look at Locke's journey. First he lands in Tunisia, where the land is now controlled by Charles Widmore. After being rescued, Charles gives John the services of Matthew and cash to go get all his former plane mates back on another flight to get back to the island. First up, Sayid in the Dominican Republic. Second, Walt in New York (they were on the corner of 67th and 8th (where ABC studios is located...for you NYers it's Columbus Ave)). Third, Hurley at the Santa Rosa. Fourth, Kate and Aaron. Next, he stopped by Helen's grave and Matthew is killed by Ben. In his rush, crashes the car, and wakes up in Jack's care.

Jack and Locke duke it out with Locke telling Jack about Christian and Jack telling Locke he isn't special. Back at the Westerfield hotel, Locke writes his suicide note, but before he kills himself, Ben talks him down. After being double shocked with the revelations of Jin being alive and Locke's knowledge of Eloise Hawking, Ben strangles Locke, killing him. After cleaning up the mess, Ben grabs Jin's ring and books it out of the room.

And then we go to Hydra Island, where Frank has successfully landed the plane on the jungle. Unfortunately, Frank and a "woman" ditch the 315ers in the night on one of the outrigger canoes on the beach. Caesar and Ilana seem to be the defacto leaders (a la Jack and Kate) and Locke maintains his "weird" status, especially after confessing to Caesar and Ilana that he was dead on the plane. Caesar hid a gun he found after he found a file that contained one of Danielle's maps, a page from Daniel's notebook, and the map Daniel had for his journey to the Tempest station (the one him and Charlotte had to turn off the nerve gas in). Daniel's map now had hieroglyphics on it stating "northward travel". Ben is also revealed to be one of the injured from 315. Caesar told Locke about the crash including the fact Hurley disappeared before the crash.

So tonight...."La Fleur" - means "The Flower".

Tonight you'll find out what happened to the LOSTies after the last flash when Locke went down the well. When did the end up? What adventures will they seek this time? As long as Juliet has got Sawyer's back, right? On general rule to remember is that whatever happened, happened.

You will also see the introduction of two new characters, Amy and Phil. Amy is played by One Life To Live and 24 alum Reiko Aylesworth. Phil is played by Mad Men's own Patrick Fischler (who plays Jimmy Barrett on that show). You will also see an appearance tonight from Kevin Rankin (who played Herc on NBC's Friday Night Lights).

With Jin wearing a DHARMA suit when he finds Jack, Kate, and Hurley...they likelihood that something DHARMA related might be in the cards. Look for a familiar face (ie go back to season 4's "Cabin Fever") to grace the screen, as well a picnic that goes horribly wrong.

There will be some twists (watch that picnic scene), there will be turns (Jin's DHARMA job is revealed on his uniform), and one big WTH scene (this will come courtesy of Amy's medical condition). There's a lot of story to tell tonight.

Set your DVRs to record 2 extra minutes and please note that LOST will not air next week, but will pick up on March 18th."
Who do we think the familiar face will be? Claire? Christian? Jacob?

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