Thursday, March 19, 2009

LOST - Namaste

Things we know after last night's episode of LOST:

The plane crashed landed on the smaller island--on the very runway that Sawyer and Kate helped build.

Ilana and Caesar did not appear to know each other prior to the crash.

Ben was not injured in the crash, but got whacked with an oar by Sun (Way to go, Sun!).

Sun was the woman who took off in a boat with Lapidus. She's also the only O6er who didn't end up in 1977. She and Lapidus end up running into none other than Christian Shephard who tells her in response to her question as to Jin's whereabouts: "I'm sorry but you have a bit of a journey ahead of you."

The "character that is important to LOST's history but that we've never seen before" that George alluded to was indeed Radzinsky. (Am I the only one who has trouble keeping track of all the different Dharma stations? I had to go to Lostpedia to be reminded that the Swan was the station that was home to the infamous 108 minute input of the numbers and LOST hottie Desmond...)

Daniel is no longer with Sawyer and Juliet, et. al. The question may not, however, be WHERE he is but rather WHEN he is. Perhaps that trip to the Orchid allowed him to travel through time?

Amy's baby will grow up to kidnap Claire and be shot by Charlie in another thirty years. When Amy tells Juliet the name of the baby she delivered, Juliet is just a mite freaked out. (Question: how does Ethan, born to two Dharmites, end up being an "Other"? How did he escape the purge?)

Speaking of chance meetings, Pierre Chang popped up in last night's episode. We still have no idea if he is Miles' father, yet--but speaking of Miles, did anyone catch how gray his hair has gotten? I wonder if that means anything...

And finally, Sayid (captured as a "Hostile") comes face-to-face with his future nemesis as an 11 year-old boy. A flicker of recognition crossed Sayid's when the young boy who brought him a sandwich introduced himself as "Ben."

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