Saturday, March 21, 2009

Craig Ferguson - A Wee Bit of Revolution on DVD 3/24

I mainly know Craig Ferguson from his stint as Drew Carey's stuffy British boss on the Drew Carey Show. But recently I caught his late late night TV show and was pleasantly surprised at his wacky yet dry sense of humor.

So when I had the opportunity to preview his stand-up concert filmed at the Wilbur Theater in Boston, MA, I jumped at the chance.

I wasn't disappointed.

Whether he's playfully poking fun at his Mum ("My mother loves America a little too much. She's kinda like America's stalker...") or lovingly mocking his idol Sean Connery (Sean Connery doesn't mess around with "acting," he doesn't show off "acting." He's a MOVIE star!), Ferguson offers an enthusiastically energetic performance.

My favorite part of the DVD, however, was the Scotland born Ferguson's July 4th speech at Faneuil Hall. A newly naturalized American citizen, Craig Ferguson passionately expresses all that is great about our nation:

"When I arrived in America, here's what America asked of me: nothing. I was to succeed, free to fail. America did not even ask me to be a citizen. I chose to be a citizen. Whatever mistakes we make along the way, "We the people" will always correct them. "We the people," the citizens of the United States of America are its voice, we are its soul, we are its expression. Our leaders are but servants to our voice. That is our glorious revolution!"
Craig Ferguson and A Wee Bit of Revolution premieres on Comedy Central, Sunday March 22nd at 10pm and is available on DVD on March 24th.

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