Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heroes - Into Asylum

With its oversized cast, I've found Heroes often splits the storylines into groupings of two. Like last night's episode had Nathan and Claire hiding out in Mexico, Peter and Angela seeking sanctuary in a church and the oddest pairing of all: Sylar and Danko.

If they had a creepy psycho contest, who would win?

For me it's Danko hands down. The albino midget makes Sylar look positively normal.

Sylar makes Danko an offer he can't refuse, "I think we should pool our resources." Assisting him with tracking down the person who killed his agents, Sylar leads Danko to a shapeshifter who delivers a head in a box.

Ironically, David Fincher never let us get a glimpse of the head in a box in Seven and yet we get to see one on prime time TV. Go figure.

Hunting down the shapeshifter at a club, Sylar spots him sitting in a corner with an attractive female. Sylar picks him out immediately because he's shifted into Danko.

"Why me?" Danko asks.

Why indeed...

After watching the shapeshifter put the moves on the lovely lady, Sylar observes, "He's a better you than you."

The shapeshifter disappears into the crowd and Danko and Sylar split up to find him. Meeting back up again, Danko tells Sylar he lost the quarry. As they exit the club, Sylar starts to pull a gun on Danko but Danko wheels about and shoots him first.

Then the REAL Sylar shows up all worried that Danko killed the shapeshifter. But he's still alive and primed for Sylar to steal his power--which Sylar does without slicing open his head per Danko's request. Thusly, Danko is able to pass the dead body off as Sylar and put up a big "win" on the board.

Noah didn't seem all that convinced, however.

So Sylar now has the power to take other powers, lie detector, electricity, regeneration and now shapeshifter. He's got some other powers as well, but he's pretty much unstoppable now with the shapeshifting and regeneration, huh?

In our other pairings, Angela and Peter make amends as do Claire and bio-Daddy Nathan. Although Claire is initially upset with Nathan when he admits he has no idea how to straighten out the mess he created. "Last night you said you were going to fix everything," Claire says accusingly. "I was drunk," Nathan replies.

"You're supposed to be Superman," Claire sniffles.

Nathan trades his watch for the necklace Claire pawned and the two walk off into the sunset--most likely to meet up with Peter and Angela...and Angela's sister, whoever that is.

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