Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LOST: Welcome Back and Namaste

Here's the latest update from George--as if we all weren't champing at the bit for tonight's episode already!

"Hello LOSTies,

Wasn't this 1 week break a killer?!?!?!? Well LOST is back, but before we get to tonight, lets chat about "LeFleur" and how the con artist became the 'new sheriff in town'.

Before the leap into 1974, the LOSTaways got a glimpse of a large Egyptian-esque station, holding two ankhs in its hands. An ankh is the symbol that was Paul's necklace that Amy kept when the Others demanded his body. So in 1974, the LOSTies have taken cover under the guise that they were treasure hunters looking for the Black Rock and were washed ashore. Horace eventually lets them stay after Sawyer negotiated a secondary truce with the Others. That truce was courtesy of Sawyer's first hand knowledge of Jughead and Locke's flagrant raid on the Others camp in 1954. We were also introduced to Amy shortly after her hubby, Paul's, death. After killing the Others that were there, Amy took the LOSTaways to New Othertown where she lovingly electrocuted them!

Zip zoom forward 3 years and leader Horace is on a bender with dynamite in hand (ah-ha, they've found the Black Rock!!). Amy is now his wife and begins to give birth to their baby. Sawyer has a hand in the birth as he calls for assistance from Juliet (now under the guise of a mechanic). Horace ends up missing the birth of his son, but at Juliet has found redemption knowing she helped a baby get born on the island. So 1977 is before "The Incident", the non-descriptive event that changed the DHARMA Initiative forever. And finally, Sawyer arrives on the scene as Jin brings Jack, Kate, and Hurley with him.

Before we get to tonight, several people have asked what song was playing when Jerry and Rosie were dancing in the security room when Phil busts in..that would have been Tony Orlando & Dawn's "Candida".

So was three years long enough, especially with Juliet as your girlfriend?? Tonight, brings us "Namaste".

Sawyer now has to decide what to do with with his returned friends. It wasn't 3 years ago that he had to convince Horace and DHARMA that they weren't the Hostiles. Can he do the same for Jack, Kate, and Hurley? In addition, we pick up where we left off at the Ajira crash site on Hydra Island. There's still a question of WHEN Locke, Ben, Frank, and Sun are. That's goes for newbies Cesar and Ilana, as well. Tonight, lies will grow deeper...but the ultimate question is if someone will crack. And where is Sayid?? You will get your answers tonight, maybe, possibly...well it is LOST people :)

Tonight, One Life To Live alums get some airtime including Reiko Aylesworth (who plays Horace's wife Amy) and Dan Gauthier (who used to play Kevin Buchanan on OLTL), it's too bad Rebecca Mader (ex-Charlotte, LOST; ex-Margaret Cochran, OLTL) isn't around as she would be from the One Life crew :)

Tonight, you will also be introduced to a character that is important to LOST's history but that we've never seen before. We last heard his story in the episode "Live Together, Die Alone", the 2nd season's season many of you are gonna run and watch that??

Also, one of the coolest moments of the night is when two of the "science" men meet for the first time! Sorry you "faith" character lovers (I'm part of the "science" crew).

So NAMASTE Class of 1977! Get ready to get hostile!
A character we've never seen before? Who do we think that George is talking about? Radzinsky, perhaps?

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