Friday, June 13, 2008

Are You Superstitious?

Friday the Thirteenth. International Holiday of all things spooky, weird and warped. A day dedicated to papercuts, lost cellphones, fender-benders and other manifestations of bad luck. A day so evil they named a horror movie franchise after all. A day so dark M. Night Shyamalan released his latest critic feed frenzy fodder (The Happening) on it.

I don't put much stock in the inherent adversity of the thirteenth. Although while trying to compose this entry somehow Blogger (black?) magically posted it with only the title written. The Huffington Post has a piece about the thirteenth. Turns out, it's a much safer day than others--probably because most people decide to stay safe and snug in their beds rather than venture out and tempt misfortune.

I'm not really all that superstitious--although I often adjust my gait so as not to step on cracks in the sidewalk and coincidentally there did seem to be a period of less than stellar luck after I accidentally broke a mirror. But I actually like Friday the Thirteenth (the day, not the scary movie!), have no issues with walking under a ladder (although not with someone on it...), have never tossed salt over my shoulder or knocked on wood, and will black cats (any fuzzy creature actually!) to cross my path.

In fact, I'm getting ready for work now--at a place where a black cat resides. Maybe he'll cross my path and some of his luck will rub off on me...

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