Friday, June 13, 2008

Living Online

I've come across a spate of great articles related to the internet lately. If you're reading this, then you (like me) spend a good deal of time online. The Washington Post had an article about how dependent we've become to accessing information online, that disabled power lines can be akin to being stranded on a desert island. I know I get antsy if I don't check my e-mail every hour at least!

And what would the internet be without Google? Slate wrote about the behemoth's dilemma regarding the whimsical changes to their homepage they make to celebrate things like Earth Day. Turns out they're damned if they do, damned if they don't...

Have you added Superpoke or Flixster to your Facebook page? Turns out that innocuous little ap may be exposing your personal data for all to see according to this article in the Washington Post.

Finally a great little piece in Slate about reading online and how writing has to change to accommodate it. Really good info for bloggers. The sum up?

* Bullet-points
* Lists
* Shorter sentences
* Highlighting text with bold or italics

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