Thursday, June 12, 2008

Speaking of Righteous Bloggers...

I've stumbled across a few new (well, new to ME anyway!) blogs lately that I've taken a liking to and thought I'd take this opportunity to share with y'all:

1. Craigslist Blog - Whoohoo! Combines two of my favorite things--Craigslist and blogging! Started in March 2008 and written by CEO Jim Buckmaster, the blog features stats and metrics, selected Best of posts and news and updates regarding all things Craigslist.

2. L.A. Metblogs - According to their mission statement:

"Metroblogging started off as a more locally focused alternative news source in Los Angeles and has turned into the largest and fastest growing network of city-specific blogs on the Web...This idea didn’t stay in one city for long and before we knew it there were Metblogs in Chicago, Portland, Karachi, and Vienna. Today there are over 50 Metblogs in countries all over the world. Local politics, event reviews, lunch recommendations and ways to avoid that big traffic jam downtown. If it’s happening in our cities, we’re on it."
I stumbled upon this one as a result of a trackback when they linked to my post about going to see The Tonight Show with my brother, James. Just further proof of their awesomeness!

3. Seth Godin - I know, I know! I'm so behind the curve on this one. The well-known marketing guru waxes witty and wise on subjects ranging from customer service to personal finance to Danny DeVito.

4. Accordian Guy - I came across Joey deVilla's blog via Darren Rowse's de Villa (a self-proclaimed "Nerd Wrangler" for global blog network B5 Media) posts about local stuff (Toronto being "local" for him...), techie stuff and whatever strikes his fancy off-the-wall stuff. Prolific and consistent, with a terrificly warped sense of humor, the Accordion Guy hits all the right notes with me.

How about you? Any great blogs (including your own!) you'd like to share?

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