Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Catching up with the Keywords


1. Name of Hilda's Beauty Salon (Ugly Betty)?

Hilda's Beautilities.

2. Is Lilo the coach's wife (Ugly Betty)?

Hmmm, that would be a good plot twist. Lohan is scheduled for five episodes I think...Initially her character was a high school mean girl nemesis for Betty, but it would an interesting turn of events if she became Hilda's rival for Coach Diaz's affections.

3. Is Karen McCluskey (Desperate Housewives) gay?

Well, Karen had a husband, Gilbert, whose sudden death before he could update his legal and financial affairs caused her to keep him in the deep freeze which was revealed in the season three episode Liaisons. She was best friends with former female baseballer Ida Greenberg and now lives alone with Ida's cat, Toby. Does that make her gay? Does it matter if she is?

4. (Desperate Housewives) In what episode does Lynette realize Tom is having an affair?

At the end of season two, Lynette believes Tom is having an affair. Her suspicions are raised in Episode 21, I Know Things Now when Tom is fired due to some unauthorized expenses to Atlantic City. Secretly following him to Atlantic City in Episode 22 No One is Alone, she spies him in a house with a woman. Believing this is the "other woman," she walks out on Tom and takes the kids in Episode 23, Remember: part 1.

She finds that he has just reunited with the 12 year old daughter he never knew he had courtesy of a one night stand years before he was with Lynette in part 2 of the episode. No affair for Tom, but Lynette did have an emotional (but not physical) affair with hot chef Rick (Jason Gedrick) at the end of Season Three.

5. Darnell "Crabman" Turner (My Name is Earl) backstory?

Darnell, aka Harry Munroe, assumed his "Crabman" identity via the Witness Protection Program and was dropped off in Camden County to begin his new life:

Driver: And remember you can never be Harry Munroe again; you’re a totally new person.

Darnell: Do I still like cheese?

Driver: Not if you want to stay alive you don’t.

6. Why is LOST part 2 and 3 the same?

It was a two hour episode. The first hour was part TWO. The second hour was part THREE. OK?


1. Adam Sandler taking performance enhancing steroids?

Adam was bulked up for his part in You Don't Mess with the Zohan, but he looked more big than buff. Maybe it was from steroids, but it may just as well have been from hummus...

2. Clothing for You Don't Mess with the Zohan?

Costumes were designed by Ellen Lutter. (IMDB is your friend, people!)

3. Mary, Queen of Scots portrayed as dying young in Elizabeth: The Golden Age?

Mary Stewart was only 44 years old when she was executed by Elizabeth for treason. 44 is still young, isn't it? Samantha Morton, who portrayed the Scottish Queen, was only thirty--so I guess the film made it appear that Mary died very young. 44 still isn't old, though!

4. Movie with actress with cut on forehead screaming?

Dude, could you be more specific? You've just described just about every horror movie ever made and quite a number of non-horror flicks to boot...

5. Average salary for Oscar-worthy actress?

On one end of the scale, you have Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon who averages $15-20 million per film. Other the other end, Catalina Sandino Moreno was nominated in 2004 for Maria Full of Grace. The film's budget was only $3.2 million total, so no doubt Moreno's Oscar-worthy salary is a fraction of Witherspoon's.


1. Where is Mika from?

If you mean the pop singer, he was born in Beirut, Lebanon and lives in London, England.
If you mean the MSNBC reporter, she is of Polish/Czech descent, but was born in New York City.

2. Novolog Flexpen biodegradable?

It's disposable, but it's made of plastic so it's not biodegradable.

3. Devil's Food Cake induces labor?

Really? I've never heard that. Whether it is or not, if you're overdue and in misery I say you deserve a nice big slice!

4. Sweat too much to work out at gym.

Excuses, excuses...

5. Light weight backpacking secrets revealed!

Um, wrong blog. I don't backpack (although I will go hiking on occasion) and I'm the world's worst over packer.

6. Funny costume of a possum?

Also, wrong blog. But maybe the light weight backpacker knows...

Really Random

1. wombat on a surfboard music (What IS this?)
2. untrimmed penis pictures (YIKES!)
3. real Indian porn actors (Would that be "Ballywood"?)
4. topless dental hygienists (There's something for everyone!)
5. slutty dental hygienists (You tell me: better or worse than a topless dental hygienist?)
6. Chocolate is not addictive to eat/am I addicted to chocolate? (No and Yes)

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