Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Biotherm Celluli Laser

It's almost summer and that means blockbuster flicks, picnics and bikini season! If the thought of baring so much skin is scarier than the latest SAW sequel, then Biotherm might just save the day for you. They've recently introduced a new line of products to target cottage cheese thighs (Kim Kardashian, are you listening?) called Celluli Laser TM. The line consists of a warming scrub, cooling gel and massage tool.

Massaging with the four rollers of the massage tool called Celluli Roller activates skin’s circulation the skin, which helps drain excess water. And the Celluli Laser products contain BioFibrine(TM) to efficiently attack cellulite using a double action:

1. Prevent collagen fibres from hardening to fight against the aggravation of cellulite.

2. Stimulate the synthesis of new collagen to soften the fibrous network.
According to Dr. Blanchemaison (that's French for "White House" by the way!), a specialist in vascular medicine and author of Conquering Cellulite, "The idea underlying the BIOFIBRINETM complex was inspired by the way lasers work." In addition to BioFibrine(TM), the Celluli Laser products contain pure thermal plankton, caffeine and ginseng.

You can find the Celluli Laser line at

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