Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cool as a Cucumber with a Therapeutic Spa Treatment from Verabella

Hey--it's been a tough week! Sweltering weather, job drama, traffic, bills...Fortunately I had the opportunity to take a two hour mini vacation from it all with a salon treatment courtesy of Verabella. The name comes from the Russian word for truth "vera," and the Italian word for beauty, "bella." Together Verabella means "truly beautiful" and, from the ambiance of the surroundings to the therapeutic treatments, that's exactly what owner and skin care expert Vera Kantor strives to impart to her clientèle.

The salon boasts a number of treatments to pamper your body and soul--but their facials are both classically European and individualistically unique. Using natural and almost edible ingredients, you have your choice of the decadence of the Champagne and Caviar facial (a favorite of Mrs. Denzel Washington!), the romance of the Rose and Chocolate facial or the soothing and calming Cool as a Cucumber facial--which was the exquisite treat I got to experience!

In the gentle yet thorough hands of aesthestician Dana Waldie, I had my skin cleansed followed by a mild exfoliation with a yogurt-based mask. The lactic acid in the yogurt provides a non-irritating way to slough off dead skin cells. After cleansing my skin again, Dana massaged lotion into my skin--toning and conditioning and encouraging circulation, as well as kneading the kinks out of my neck and shoulders. Aaaahhh! Bliss...

Lest I get too relaxed, the awesome massage was followed by a meticulous session of extractions. Not my favorite part of the treatment--but Dana competently and quickly cleaned out my clogged pores with surgical precision. After finishing that task, she soothed my skin with a gel containing cooling aloe vera and natural antiseptic tea tree oil. What a brilliant concept! Aloe vera and tea tree oil in a healing gel! All this preparation was the prelude to the main event: the facial mask. A oxygenating combination of cucumbers, lemon and parsley to supply minerals, nutrients and bio-flavonoids to the skin. A perfect antidote for summer overload as it soothes and rejuvenates sunburned-fatigued skin, helps detoxify and lighten hyper-pigmentation, creating a youthful and more even complexion.

Dana massaged my hands with lotion and put them in a pair of warming gloves. Then she let me drift off into dreamland while the mask did its magic. After a 15 minute nap that felt like a full night's sleep, she placed warm towels on my face to remove the mask. A splash of toner, a dab of Citrus Sorbet moisturizer and a coat of Verabella's exclusive new sunscreen and I was good to go! My skin looks AWESOME--like I've been on a two-week spa retreat in the space of two hours! Relaxed, refreshed, restored. Troubles forgotten. Job--what job?

Verabella is a favorite among celebs like Zooey and Emily Deschanel, Catherine Keener, Lisa Kudrow, Diane Lane and Nicole Ritchie. And after experiencing the gracious and generous care of mother-daughter team Vera Kantor and Victoria Bondar-Gael along with the skillful and attentive work of aesthetician Dana Waldie, it's easy to see why. I may not be a Hollywood star, but the people at Verabella sure made me feel like one!

For incredible gourmet facials, advanced skin therapy, waxing or making the most of your lashes and brows, check out Verabella at 301 North Canon Drive in Beverly Hills, (310) 278-4733.

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  1. wow what a great arcticle!!! thank you so much for your compliments! cant wait to see you again at verabella!!! ;)