Thursday, June 19, 2008

Passion - part IV

Previously I've written about my friend Jon, whose passion for his World War II documentary project is infectious. Along with my friend Hollie who doggedly is pursuing a career in acting and writing. Today, my focus on is on my yoga teacher, Jessa.

gave up a secure corporate job to follow her heart. Instead of sitting behind a desk all day, Jessa stays active. Not only with teaching and taking many yoga classes each week, but literally running her ass off. A four time marathoner, Jessa started a business to RUN (not walk!) dogs.

Pooch Pacers is her brainchild, which combines her love of dogs and running in growing business venture. The concept has been so successful, it was featured in Runner's World, the Los Angeles Business Journal and now Jessa is in the process of creating franchises in other locations.

I love taking Jessa's yoga class--her enthusiasm and upbeat personality and music selections make it fun! (Although her zeal for ab work and arm balances borders on the sadistic at times...) But what's really inspiring is how she managed to make a living doing something she loves.

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