Monday, June 23, 2008

The Blog Carnival stocks up at

I may not be an expert on vintage clothing or know how to perfectly accessorize with a pair of pretty earrings, but I do know drugstores. While others may while away hours in Sephora, I get the same "high" trolling the aisle of my local CVS. And what's better than the everything you need experience of shopping in a drugstore? Being able to get that experience without even leaving the house with

For this Blog Carnival outing, we're picking five can't live without beauty essentials we buy from Like Stevie I often purchase my vitamins and other supplements from them--but for this exercise we're focusing on beauty/personal care items. Here are mine:

1. Fallene Total Block Clear SPF 65 - Stevie turned me on to this heavy duty sunscreen years ago--perfect for protecting my skin against the California sun! I've tried other products but I keep coming back to this physical block formula which doesn't irritate or break out my sensitive skin (In fact, I find it really soothing! I think it's the zinc...), offers UVA/UVB protection at a high level of SPF. This sunscreen was formulated especially for sun sensitive individuals, so you know it will work! I especially like the fact that I can usually find it on sale at

2. Johnson's Pure Cotton Rounds - Yet another item that I can't seem to find anywhere else but at These are the perfect weight and texture for removing makeup or applying toner. I buy these in bulk because I use at least two every day. I've tried other brands but either they're not absorbent or break apart easily or leave wisps of cotton behind. These are the best--I cannot do without them!

3. Maybelline Full 'n Soft Mascara - Yet another product that I keep coming back to. Stevie listed Rimmel Volume Flash as one of her picks and I'm sorely tempted to check that one out. But I know for soft, non-clumpy color and definition I'll end up coming back to Full 'n Soft and wondering what I was thinking trying anything else...

4. Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Lotion - I slather this yummy smelling lotion over my body every morning. No wonder I seem to go through a bottle in only two weeks! In addition to keeping my skin nice and soft, I get compliments on the "perfume" I'm wearing! It smells like beach without being to overpowering or cloying. Buy the 13.5 oz. pump bottle for about $6--it's a great deal!

5. Crest Whitestrips Premium Plus - These always go on sale at so whenever I need to give my teeth a boost of whiteness, these are my weapon of choice. The extra strength formula works really fast and lasts up to eighteen months.

points out in her post that you can get free shipping for orders over $49--and that's a big incentive for me because I hate paying shipping costs! Sometimes runs promotions offering free shipping for orders of $25 and up--perfect for restocking when you only need a few items. I also like their "Your List" function which keeps track of everything you've ever ordered making it easier to reorder. It was tough to go through my very long list to cull only FIVE favorites for this list. The other cool thing is " dollars" which is a program where you earn cash back to apply to future purchases.

So that's my list. Check out Stevie's much more exotic picks (That's the great thing about have basic stuff AND specialty items!) as well. It will be interesting to see what the other Blog Carnival selections are as well...

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