Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas: The Aftermath

Before I sink into a food-induced coma (compliments of cookies baked by my sister Laurie), I thought I'd share some of the Christmas I spent with brother David, his girlfriend Crystal and the most adorable Master Jack.

Serenaded by an iTunes Christmas playlist (again thanks to Laurie who burned at least half a dozen Christmas CDs for my enjoyment), we opened presents and ate breakfast and basically chilled out on a rainy L.A. day.

The first gift I opened was from David and was a CanonA470 digital camera. After some instructions from Crystal, I was able to take some halfway decent photos:

Crystal and Jack

David and Crystal

Jack with his new stuffed puppy from Laurie

Jack with his monster blanket

In addition to the digital camera I got an iTunes gift card, 2 GB USB flashdrive, a cow draft dodger, some tea, a reusable shopping bag and this deceptively simple looking puzzle that had us pulling our hair out. We took a picture so we'd never have to spend hours figuring it out again:

Puzzle from Hell

After we got through exchanging our gifts, we started in on the presents Laurie sent. And my present from Laurie was...a Sony digital camera!

Apparently two of my siblings read my blog--but neither of them talk to each other. James told me he sent out my Christmas present yesterday. If I get a THIRD digital camera I'm going to have to stop writing and this blog will henceforth be all pictures.

Thanks to all for making it such an awesome Christmas! Hope yours was fabulous as well...


  1. Awww, Jack is cute. Wish I had a monster blanket! I'm glad you had such a nice Christmas. Best wishes for a great new year.

  2. You might be able to find one at your local Marshall's! That's where I found Jack's. They're super soft and cuddly--just like Jack...

  3. Sounds like it was a great Christmas and I guess it pays to blog about what you want! Hope you have a wonderful new year!