Friday, December 12, 2008

The Office - Moroccan Christmas

My company has its holiday party last Saturday and although it culminated with the CEO stripping down to his BVDs and jumping into a swimming pool (I left before that scene...), it was quite tame compared to the party on last night episode of The Office.

Phyllis' Moroccan-theme party is a hit with everyone--with the exception of Angela--until Meredith overdoes it on Michael toxic punch (equal parts Scotch, Absinthe, Rum, Gin, Vermouth, Triple Sec and two packs of Splenda) and accidentally sets her hair on fire. Dwight setting the fire extinguisher on her was reminiscent of the bat episode where he trapped the bat by throwing a Hefty bag over Meredith's head.

Meredith's overindulgence leads Michael to declare an intervention; "It's a surprise party for people who have addictions." Of course Meredith denies having an addiction to anything other than porn. Michael tries pleading with her ("I'm imploring her to quit being an alcoholic!") and threats ("The next time you light yourself on fire, we are not going to put you out."), but Meredith refuses to admit she has a problem.

Michael tricks her into thinking they're going out for a drink (her near encyclopedic knowledge of all the bars in town is pretty damning evidence that she DOES have a problem), but Michael ends up dragging her kicking and screaming to rehab. "I have a deposit...alcoholic," he tells the front desk. He soon finds out, you can't put someone in rehab against their will--they have to hit rock bottom. "I need to find way to push Meredith to the bottom," he says determined.

Dwight's black market Princess Unicorn was humorous. Or as Dwight would say, "Fa la la la la la la ka-ching!" Toby decides he would be a hero to his daughter AND cheese off his ex-wife if he gets one for Christmas. Unfortunately, Darryl has bought the last one--but when Toby begs him for it, he offers to sell it to Toby. For $400. Toby is grateful until he sees that it's a black Princess Unicorn. When Darryl notices his discomfort, he stutters "It's even better than the one I wanted!"

I wonder if my blogging buddy Rae was satisfied when Phyllis outed Angela's ongoing affair with Dwight despite being engaged to Andy. Now the whole office knows--except for Andy, who was trying to learn to play a Christmas carol on the sitar.

Poor Andy. I wonder who's gonna break the news to him...

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