Friday, December 5, 2008

Ugly Betty/The Office - Bad Amanda and The Surplus

Is anyone else wondering why Amanda is still living with Betty? Rent-free no less. Coming home from a major shopping spree, Amanda is informed by Betty, "Buying stuff on sale...that's not exactly saving money."

Meanwhile Willie has developed a school-girl crush on Connor--babbling incoherently every time she's in his presence. I guess you could say Willie is silly over him. (Or I could say it. You probably wouldn't stoop that low...) Wilhelmina waxes rhapsodic about Connor's many appealing qualities: his ruthless business sense, exquisite fashion sense..."Tantalizingly large hands," affirms Marc.

A cash-strapped Betty asks Daniel for overtime, but gets the opportunity to pitch an article idea for instead. Her idea of how to have "fun" in New York City for no money draws yawns and snark, but Amanda's take on "How to Blow $10k with Spending a Cent" gets the two mismatched roommates paired up for the piece. Betty's conditions: nothing illegal and it has to be something a typical Mode reader could do. "I get it. No crimes. Real peeps." Amanda says.

Despite Claire attempting to slap sense into Daniel, he and Molly get even closer--to the point of almost kissing. This is all the ammunition Wilhelmina needs to work a scheme to drive a wedge between Connor and Molly using Daniel. Prior to this, Willie had almost given up on having a man in her life. Until Christina informed her that her unborn child will be a boy.

Amanda and Betty's night on the town included loading up on free high-end cosmetic samples, designer fashion worn with the tags tucked so they can be returned later, noshing at an art exhibit and being picked up by two fellow exhibit-attendees and whisked out for an expensive dinner. With Heidi Montag's Fashion playing in the background. (Heidi Montag? Seriously? I guess the licensing fee came cheap...) Betty feels guilty for indulging at others expense--but as it turns out, dinner is on her as the suave and slick dining companions slip out and leave her and Amanda to pick up the tab. (Hmm...anyone not see THAT coming?)

Thinking quickly, Betty is able to get the manager to comp their meal in exchange for a mention in their article on But her and Amanda's elation is short-lived when Amanda realizes that the scummy scammers not only left them to pay the bill, but stole her wallet as well. And because Amanda was carrying Betty's rent money, that was stolen as well.

Betty finally grows a backbone and lashes out at Amanda and her irresponsibility, but later Ignacio tells her that she could learn a little from Amanda's free-spirited example. Daniel is so impressed with Betty's article about the experience, he offers to make it a regular feature--and advances her the money for her rent.

Betty forgives Amanda--especially after she finds out that in an attempt to become more responsible, Amanda has taken a second job.

Personally, I think Amanda rocked the suspenders...

Ironically, while there was a shortage of cash in Ugly Betty's world, The Office was dealing with a budget surplus. "Why don't you explain it to me like I'm an eight year-old?" Michael asks Oscar. Then after Oscar explains it Michael says, "Why don't you explain this to me like I'm five?"

What it came down to was $4,300 that needed to be spent by the end of the day--or the Scranton branch would have their budget for next year reduced by $4,300. Oscar suggests a new copier, but when Michael announces that decision to the rest of the employees it goes over like a lead balloon.

Pam wants new chairs and so does Stanley. Jim votes for a new copier. Toby wants radon testing 'cuz it's a silent killer. "You are the silent killer," responds Michael dismissively. Pressed to make a decision, Michael says "I swallowed all your ideas. I'm going to digest them and see what comes out the other end."

Meanwhile, Angela and Andy tour Shrute Farms to see what Dwight has planned for their upcoming nuptials. Angela wants the manure removed from the barn, Dwight says the manure covers the stench from the slaughterhouse. "Dwight, if we pay extra could you slaughter the entrees the day before?" Andy negotiates.

The copier vs. chairs factions lobby for Michael's decision through shameless flattery. Pam threatens Jim if he doesn't come over to her side; Jim smirks as Pam struggles with the ancient copier.

Michael attempts to pass the decision on to Hank the security guard. When that doesn't work out, he tries to get corporate boss David Wallace to be the bad guy. Wallace informs Michael that if he returns the surplus, he gets to keep 15% of it. Michael hates disappointing his staff, "but I love Burlington Coat Factory!"

During a demonstration of the wedding ceremony, Dwight arranges it so that he marries Angela and Andy acts as unwitting witness. Angela initially admits to Dwight she made a mistake picking Andy, but when she hears that Dwight duped her into marrying him she gets angry and storms off.

Back at the office, Angela kisses Andy passionately in front of Dwight--then heads out, obstensibly to get an annulment.

The chairs win over the copier but Jim is no sore loser. He hands Pam a sheaf of papers to make copies. Four sets.

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