Friday, December 19, 2008

It's a SpongeBob World and We Just Live in it...

I've never gotten the whole SpongeBob SquarePants thing. Frankly, I find him a little creepy.

But apparently SpongeBob is worldwide cultural phenomenon. In Spanish-speaking countries he is known as Bob Esponja and in French it's "Bob L'Eponge."

Bob L'Eponge...

Sounds almost classy, huh?


  1. Vive Bob l'Eponge! My son's been a Spongehead since Day 1 (the show's, not his), and it's the equal parts silliness and innocence that gets him every time. It's full-on silliness pushed to the level of transcendence. And, on another level, it's a guy thing.

    And I love that the same German actor who voices Ted Schmidt of QAF also does Spongebob for Deutschland.

    Glad to find your blog. You rock on imdb, and I'm happy to find more of your writing.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Colleen,

    Thanks for the explanation. I sort of get Barney and even the Telly-tubbies. But a sponge?

    And thanks for the compliment! Glad you found me, too!