Monday, December 22, 2008

Favorite TV Characters

I'm glomming off a recent post by Linz about her favorite TV characters. I completely concur with her on the choices of Dexter Morgan of Dexter (Michael C. Hall makes serial killing an art form) and Ned the Piemaker from Pushing Daisies (Lee Pace is even yummier than his pies!) and Desmond Hume from LOST, but I thought I add a couple of my own picks:

1. Entourage, Ari Gold - This role may turn out to be Jeremy Piven's "Captain Kirk" in that he will be forever identified and defined the hyperbolic and hyperactive uber-agent. But there are worse fates. And Shatner managed to outgrow Star Trek. It only took 40 years....


2. Dirty Sexy Money, Brian Darling - Glenn Fitzgerald is my only reason for watching this silly, stupid show. His portrayal of perpetually angry Brian Darling is both hot-headed and just plain HOT. Someone compiled a "Best of" all his spleen-venting moments on YouTube. My favorite is his attempt to get a little (well, maybe not SO little) girl to stop bullying his illegitimate son:

"God told me you're not being so nice to him. And God is so disappointed. So from now on, He wants you two to be friends. Otherwise you're going to burn in Hell for eternity. And eternity's a very long time..."

3. The Office, Jim Halpert - Okay, just so you know it's not ALL about the bad boys. Who could resist John Krasinki and his patented "Jim face?"

Jim Halpert: Playing that game again?

Dwight Schrute: Second life is not a game. It is a multi-user, virtual environment. It doesn't have points or scores; it doesn't have winners or losers.

Jim Halpert: Oh, it has losers...

3. Heroes, Sylar - Okay, maybe it IS all about the bad boys. Zachary Quinto can play warm and fuzzy or cold-blooded killer. Either way, he's by far the most interesting character on Heroes.

Long live Sylar!

4. Ugly Betty, Gio - Betty may have agonized over whether to choose Henry or Gio but it would have taken me no time at all. Henry Grubstick may have been "sweet like sugar and soft like suede," but Freddy Rodriguez brought passion, fire and Italian spice to the party.


5. Desperate Housewives, Andrew Van De Kamp -Shawn Pyform does a great job of portraying Bree's smart-mouthed gay son. He made's list Of Top 25 Gay TV Characters, but he's number one on my list!

6. One Life to Live, David Vickers - Tuc Watkins plays Andrew's gay next door neighbor on Desperate Housewives, but it's his portrayal of snarky con man/gigolo on One Life to Live that amuses me most. The writers LOVE writing lines for this guy:

David Vickers: Bo, don't neglect to turn on your lights and your siren. I will be right behind.

Lee Dennison Halpern Sanders: Ugh.

David Vickers: This is a seminal moment for me. I'll be chasing a police car instead of it chasing me. Let's go.
There are more--but it's late.

Who are your favorite TV characters?

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