Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Favorite Beauty Products

This past year I've read over a dozen books, seen about FOUR dozen movies in a theater and tested out dozens of beauty products. Once I finish seeing all of 2008's movies, I'll compile a list of my top ten favorites--but in the meantime here are my favorite skincare and beauty products for the year:

1. Favorite Skincare Line - nude skincare

From the green philosophy that informs everything from the packaging to the fair trade and organic ingredients to the exquisitely exotic and effective formulations, this line of luxurious products is the cream of the crop.

2. Favorite Mask - derma e Cleansing Enzyme Mask

Nothing works better at sucking the grit, grime and grease out of skin than this mask. And it smells DELICIOUS!

3. Favorite Sunscreen - Verabella

Vera Kantor has created a brilliant product: SPF 45, non-chemical sunblock that goes on sheer and contains loads of great ingredients to nourish your skin. Genius!

4. Favorite Eye Treatment - Therapy Systems Line Tox for Eyes

So many great products to choose from in this category, but this paraben, mineral oil and phthalate-free treatment reduces puffiness and wrinkles. I have definitely noticed the delicate skin around my eyes looking smoother and more refreshed.

5. Favorite Lip Treatment - Sircuit Skin's Suggah

The thing I love most about this rich and emollient lip treatment is its delectable scent. Sircuit formulations NEVER contain chemical parabens or preservatives, fillers, artificial colors, artificial fragrances and are cruelty free.

6. Favorite Body Scrub - Thom Fleming Skin Care

Three reasons I love this scrub: it comes in a squeeze tube which makes it easy to dispense and prevents the dreaded oil/scrub separation, it foams up a bit so you can cleanse as well as exfoliate skin at the same time and it rinses completely clean leaving skin soft and smooth and without leaving an oily film.

7. Favorite Hair Product - Pristine Recovery Scary Hairy

This 100% natural serum remedies dry fragile hair and revitalizes the scalp. It makes my coarse, dry hair soft and manageable. And it smells soooo good!

8. Favorite Body Spray - Biotherm Eau Pure

This light fragrance with green and fruity notes is the perfect everyday scent. Love it!

That's the round-up for 2008. Bring on 2009!

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