Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Daryl Hall and John Oates - Live at the Troubadour

As Daryl Hall opens the Hall and Oates performance at the Troubadour, he reminisces about the last time the duo played the L.A. club--35 years ago when they opened for Harry Chapin. "This is the first place we ever played in Los Angeles...and nothing has changed in here, man!"

The May 2008 performance was captured Blaze TV with 10 remote-controlled HD cameras creating audio and visuals that allows the viewer to experience the performance as if they were inside the crowded LA club. The result was released in three formats – DVD, Blu-Ray, and a 1-DVD/2-CD combo, via Shout! Factory on November 25th.

I've a soft spot in my heart for Hall and Oates--She's Gone has long been one of my favorite songs. Although the performance does a great job of covering the breadth of the pop duo's career, it excludes two notable tunes--Back Together Again, their ode to Neil Sedaka and Do What You Want, Be What You Are which exemplified the Philly soul sound they were known for:

Do you believe in hot cars,
Leather bars, or movie stars
Is that what's real?
Payin' dues, earth shoes, Chicago blues
Is that how you feel?

It ain't a sign of weakness to give yourself away
Because the strong give up and move on,
While the weak, the weak give up and stay...
Still, there are a lot of great songs in the CD/DVD collection including some of my faves like the bittersweet Rich Girl, the upbeat poppy You Make My Dreams and of course, one of the ultimate break-up songs, She's Gone. The full listings are as follows:

CD Disc One:

1. Everything Your Heart Desires (Daryl Hall)
2. When The Morning Comes (Daryl Hall)
3. Family Man (Tim Cross/Rick Fenn/Mike Frye/Mike Oldfield/Morris Pert/Maggie Reilly)
4. Say It Isn’t So (Daryl Hall)
5. It’s Uncanny (Daryl Hall)
6. Had I Known You Better Then (John Oates)
7. She’s Gone (Daryl Hall/John Oates)
8. Getaway Car (Gary Haase/Billy Mann)
9. Cab Driver (Louis Brown/Alan Gorrie/Daryl Hall)

CD Disc Two:

1. One On One (Daryl Hall)
2. Sara Smile (Daryl Hall/John Oates)
3. Maneater (Sara Allen/Daryl Hall/John Oates)
4. Out Of Touch (Daryl Hall/John Oates)
5. I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) (Sara Allen/Daryl Hall/John Oates)
6. Rich Girl (Daryl Hall)
7. Kiss On My List (Janna Allen/Daryl Hall)
8. You Make My Dreams (Sara Allen/Daryl Hall/John Oates)
9. Abandoned Luncheonette (Daryl Hall)
10. Private Eyes (Sara Allen/Janna Allen/Daryl Hall/Warren Pash)

DVD Performances:

1. Everything Your Heart Desires
2. When The Morning Comes
3. Family Man
4. Say It Isn’t So
5. It’s Uncanny
6. Had I Known You Better Then
7. She’s Gone
8. Getaway Car
9. Cab Driver
10. One On One
11. Sara Smile
12. Maneater
13. Out of Touch
14. I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)
15. Rich Girl
16. Kiss On My List
17. You Make My Dreams
18. Abandoned Luncheonette
19. Private Eyes


All New Interviews with Daryl & John

Since it was recorded in May, sadly there's no rendition of Jingle Bell Rock, but the recordings would be a great holiday gift for any Hall and Oates fan.

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