Thursday, December 25, 2008

Friends of the World Food Program

As I sit here with distended belly--having eating more today than I usually do in a WEEK--I am reminded of one of my favorite Christmas songs, "Do they know it's Christmas?" The refrain of the song urges to "Feed the World," and that's exactly what the Friends of the World Food Program are trying to do.

The Menu for Hope campaign raised over $90k for the U.N. World Food Program last year, but they're not even halfway to that goal for this year.

I know--times are tough, everyone's struggling to get by. My friend John was laid off, my brother was laid off and the economy's in the tank. But as hard as things are, I doubt anyone reading this has ever (unwillingly) gone to bed hungry--which is a common occurrence for far too many people on this planet.

And if the glow of doing something charitable weren't incentive enough, each $10 you donate goes towards a raffle of some foodie related prizes, including a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker, a Scharffen Berger Chocolate Gift package and Gourmet Book Club membership--to name but a few.

So while you recover from feasting on turkey or roast beef or honey-glazed ham or a vegetarian lasagna, maybe give a thought to those not quite so fortunate.


  1. Stella, thank you for this post - I checked out the link and will make my contribution. I wanted to ask you some questions about your screenwriting career, do you have an email address?

  2. Thanks Marty!

    Underneath every post there's an E-mail Stella" link. You can reach me via that address.