Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heroes - Building 26

Building 26 refers to the location of Nathan's hero-hunting operation. He's got Tracy chained to a chair under heat lamps to thwart her cryogenic powers. A sweaty Ali Larter in bondage--a gift to all the male fans out there from Tim Kring...

Nathan's super secret Guantanamo operation is thwarted by Homeland Security operative Abby Collins (Moira Kelly) who wants to shut the whole thing down. Nathan warns her that the people he is hunting are dangerous. "Right, because they're all magic," Collins sneers. But when Tracy breaks free of her bonds, escapes and freezes one of the agents right before Abby's eyes, she gets Nathan's double funding approved pronto.

Tracy thinks Nathan arranged for her escape, but in reality it was Danko who set her up to provide the demonstration for Ms. Collins.

Sylar and Luke are still road-tripping. Luke's trying to bond, but his babbling is annoying our favorite badass. "So you're like a serial killer," says Luke. Sylar disputes this, but Luke points out "Well, you’ve got a pattern, you go after specific victims, you collect mementos..." "Okay, technically I'm a serial killer," Sylar concedes.


Later Sylar tells him, "Luke, you really got to stop trying to be my friend or I'm gonna have to kill you." Luke says of Sylar's father, "He sold you for money you know..." Maybe it wasn't a coincidence that Sylar's mentee is named Luke--he did get a little Obi-Wan there for a moment. But then he went back to being the lost little boy looking for his daddy...

Luke writes down the address of Sylar's father while they stop at a diner. After being surrounded by agents, they attempt to slip out the emergency exit but come under fire by Nathan's goon squad.

So I wonder, why didn't Luke melt the guns?

Sylar takes off and leaves Luke to the goons, but later rescues him and the two continue their buddy road trip. Sylar turns on the radio to tune out Luke. A bit on the nose to have Talking Heads Psycho Killer playing--but humorous nonetheless. Did he rescue Luke because the warm and fuzzy Sylar has resurfaced, or will serial killer Sylar slice Luke's head open and take his powers?

Ando and Hiro go to New Delhi to bring to life the psychic visions Matt drew. Hiro tells Ando, "When destiny calls, you answer the phone!" and goes off to figure out how to stop the wedding. But it's Ando who locates the bride and convinces her to call off her nuptials by giving her a sign with his supercharging power.

This makes Hiro jealous and he sulks as Annapura calls Ando her hero. "You can't stand the fact that now you're my sidekick!" Ando tells him. The angry groom shows up and when Ando tries to intervene, he hits him in the head with a pot and carries him off.

So the wedding's back on again so that Hiro can stop it and punch out the groom. He tells Ando he learned he doesn't need powers to be a hero. Annapura realizes Ando's name was familiar because she had received a message for him and Hiro. The message is from Rebel and it tells them to save Matt Parkman.

Claire's been receiving text messages from the mysterious Rebel as well. (Who do we think Rebel is? Peter? Nathan? Noah?) One tells her to "Save Alex." So she heads to Sam's Comics and locates Alex who works there as a cashier. She tells him he needs to get out of there immediately, but Alex thinks he's being punk'd. Claire slices her hands and demonstrates her regeneration powers in order to convince him--and right then Noah enters the store.

The two manage to escape Bennet and race off in Alex's car. Alex's power is the ability to breathe underwater--which may be one of the lamest powers to date. Later Noah confronts Claire about being in the area where Alex disappeared. "I know you're lying," he tells her. "Well, I learned from the master," she coolly replies.

(Anyone else notice how Hayden Panettiere seems to have taken lessons at the Milo Ventimiglia School of Whisper Acting? Really annoying...)

Unable to continue lying to her Mom, Claire outs Noah which leads to a big blowout between the elder Bennets. Sandra kicks Noah out and following a tearful farewell scene with Claire-bear, he leaves for a hotel. Drowning his sorrows at the hotel bar, he passes out and Peter and Matt appear and carry him off.

Roofies? Really? Couldn't Matt have just used his mind control powers on him?

Next week seems to be all about Noah Bennet: good guy or villain?

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