Friday, February 27, 2009

Ugly Betty - Things Falls Apart

Well, the episode title wasn't kidding: will there even be a Meade Publishing anymore?

Ignacio falls apart when Elena leaves to go to California for a few days. "Finally I think I understand country music," he mopes.

Hilda is distressed over money issues and Betty is dealing with the fact that Henry has a new girlfriend and is trying to Friend her on Facebook.

But the real disaster comes courtesy of Daniel's best buddy and Meade CFO. Connor managed to siphon dry all the Meade accounts, funneling the money into his own personal account before he jets off to parts unknown. Didn't he look sexy being all paternal with Willie's baby at the beginning of the episode? Hard to believe he turned out to be such a cad.

He tells Willie he has something bad to confess to her. "Does someone need a spanking?" Wilhelmina purrs. When he reveals he's been embezzling from Meade to exact vengeance on Daniel, she is devastated. He wants to take her and the baby away from everything.

Betty notices the accounting irregularities when she's reviewing the budgets for a YETI project. But Connor stalls her from exposing him by transferring $100k into her personal bank account and making it appear that she and Daniel are behind the embezzlement. He even threatens her family.

Betty runs to Daniel, who is holed up in the Amsterdam Hotel nursing a cold, to break the bad news. Meanwhile Willie confides in Marc about whether she should choose the love of her life or her career. While Claire and Daniel examine the extent of the damage, a crestfallen Marc returns to Mode. Betty approaches him and asks him for any info he has on Willie's whereabouts.

Daniel and Claire race to the airport to waylay Willie--but she's already arranged for the police to apprehend Connor. Unfortunately, Connor guessed that Wilhelmina would choose her career over him and took an earlier flight. She tells Betty that they're both career girls sacrificing personal lives for the job.

Of course that inspires Betty to get over her Henry hurting and accept his friend request--and accept the invitation of Matt the MBA with the half Law degree. I agree with Amanda--he is cutish. Of course knowing the fickle Betty, he won't last too long...

If the Meade Empire falling apart weren't bad enough, Daniel's future with Molly is destroyed when she decides to end their relationship due to the fact that she was diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer. "I beat it before, but it's back and it's worse," she tells the distraught Daniel.

See what I said about no happy ever after for long on soap operas?

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