Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LOST: Another number? Sure! 316

According to George, the biblical themes continue with tonight's episode of LOST:

"Hello LOSTies,

Well goodbye to Charlotte, who died in Daniel's arms, but not before revealing another twist: When she was younger, Daniel told her to never leave the island, which shocked Daniel..but it shouldn't shock you. Remember the first scene of this season?? That's right Daniel was seen as a DHARMA worker along side Pierre.

1) November 18, 1988 - Nadine is killed as the monster attacks. Montand's arm is ripped off while the French team try to save him from the monster. The crew, sans Danielle, go into the cerebrus vent at the base of a temple with the hieroglyphics matching those from the room Ben went in to "send out" Smokey.
2) January 1989 - Danielle kills her team due to the "sickness" caused by the guys going into the vent.
3) Unknown - Sawyer finds Jin.
4) Unknown - This was the quick one that lasted 20 seconds.
5) Unknown - Charlotte collapses and starts speaking in different times of her lives.
6) After 1971 - The group arrives at the Orchid.
7) Before 1971 - Locke heads down the well.
8) Way before 1971 - Charlotte confesses to Daniel about her past and dies.

Also, in Flash 8, Christian Shepard appears to Locke after Locke's legs get hurt. Christian is upset Ben moved the island, not John. Now John must correct things, so he starts turning the wheel into the final flash, but not before Christian tells him to say hello to his son. So is Christian really Jacob?

Back in Los Angeles, Kate and Sayid left the marina when Ben's plan is revealed. Ben takes Sun and Jack to the church where they meet up with Desmond. They walk inside and meet up with Eloise (BTW, I loved Desmond's face when he recognized her as Ms. Hawking from his flash). This episode was the first time Ben and Sun AND Ben and Desmond talked directly to each other. Also, the van Ben was driving is called "Canton-Rainier", which is an anagram for "reincarnation."

On to tonight's episode "316"

Umm...what is 316? Let's assume it's JOHN 3:16 from the Bible:

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

So does that mean John doesn't die?? LOL! I know what you are all thinking, don't I :)

So the quest begins tonight to head back to the island, starting out at one of the DHARMA stations off the island. A mysterious return could turn Jack's world upside down and the Shepards continue to become more important in the story. You will see Jill the butcher again tonight, I know a few of you liked her. I'm gonna keep this one short as I'm not on the island with its immediate healing properties...but I want you to grab your guitars, strum down a waterfall, and put up your's "316"!"
Hmm...I must have been too busy typing up notes because I did not catch the look on Desmond's face when he met Eloise Hawking, aka "weird psychic engagement ring lady."

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