Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heroes - Cold Wars

Last night's episode of Heroes should have been titled "The Man in the Horned-Rimmed Glasses." Like season's one "Company Man," it was all about Noah Bennet.

With the large and diverse cast of characters, Heroes can often be unwieldy. By concentrating mainly on Bennet, the show was able to maintain a more focused point of view.

After drugging his drink, Matt, Mohinder and Peter kidnap Bennet and tie him to a chair while Matt performs his patented "Mind Mojo Thingy" on him.

Matt is able to extract memories from Noah: being "let go" by Angela with severance, pension and a watch, bored doing crossword puzzles at home, visited by Nathan who tells him about his plan to round up people with abilities and "contain them."

Noah takes Nathan to his super secret storage locker which contains files and equipment representing the last twenty years of his life. Nathan's response: "We're the government. We have loads of weapons and...stuff."

After Matt extracts this memory, he sends Peter to the storage unit. But the unit is under surveillance and Danko sends a local goon squad in to capture Peter. Nathan warns Danko he wants Peter unharmed. "Fasers on stun," snarks Danko. Peter flies out evading his would-be captors.

Matt continues to probe Bennet's mind and finds out about Danko, the hunter, whose philosophy differs from Bennet's one of us, one of them. Danko's philosophy is more like "Us vs. Them." Matt also accesses the fact that Bennet contacted Mohinder to warn him about the government program.

This causes M&M to come to blows while Noah manages to escape. While they frantically try to track down their missing hostage, Noah jacks a car. But before he can get away, Peter arrives and lands on the hood.

Matt tells Peter about Danko. Peter is surprised that Noah wasn't the one pulling all the strings. "Turns out he's still middle-management." He sends Peter to Danko's place. Which considering how well the visit to the storage unit went is a stellar idea...

When Danko comes home, Peter is there waiting for him. Of course, instead of just shooting him, there has to be a whole discussion between the two which allows Nathan to arrive in time to stop him. "How the hell did you get here so fast?" an astounded Danko asks Nathan.

Hmm--apparently the hunter is clueless about "Flying Man"...

Peter shoots Danko in the arm and flies off to warn Matt and Mohinder that the goon squad is on the way. Back at the hotel room, Matt is about to shoot Bennet, but Bennet stops him with the news Daphne is alive. Mohinder sacrifices himself to the goon squad so that Matt can verify that Bennet is telling the truth.

Okay, Daphne had half a dozen bullets pumped into her chest, but she survived. Sort of like Matt surviving when he was shot in chest at the end of season one--or Sylar surviving being impaled by Hiro. Convenient albeit implausible...

The goon squad storms the hotel room and Matt surrenders, but as he's being escorted into custody Peter swoops in and flies off with him. Meanwhile back at Building 26, Mohinder is tied to a chair and Nathan threatens him and the rest of the heroes with death if they don't cooperate.

The episode ends with Bennet and Danko "bonding." But after Danko leaves, Bennet meets up with Angela again. Angela warns him that he will need to keep up appearances. Bennet replies, "I've always been comfortable with morally gray."

So it appears that Bennet is a double agent, working with Angela against Nathan. Do we think he might be "Rebel" as well?

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