Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Here's the latest missive from George to whet your appetite for tonight's episode:

"Hello LOSTies,

How did you enjoy "Jughead". From Desmond and Penny having their first child (Charlie Hume) to Desmond finding Theresa Spenser in a state of time travel (similar to George Minkowski, the communications officer on the freighter). Theresa's sister Abagail would drop another nuclear bomb on us by telling the tale. Daniel tested time on Theresa, causing her to enter this state. Daniel's benefactor, Charles Widmore, is paying for the medical bills to keep her alive in her time-induced coma.

But Widmore would re-surface again both in the future (making sure Penny is okay and giving Desmond, Faraday's mothers address in Los Angeles -- making it impossible not to think of Eloise Hawking) AND in the past an as OTHER! Yes, Widmore was an OTHER on the island...but so was his other friend, Ellie...WAITTTTTT...Ellie? Eloise?? Could Daniel's mom be an OTHER too????? let's compare:

Let's go to our "Leap Tracker"
1) 1954
2) An unknown time when the camp was not there. This is where Charlotte collapses in Daniel's arms from the nosebleed.

Some other things to remember:
- Richard doesn't take John seriously until he mentions Jacob, though Richard never confirms or denies Jacob's existence.
- John tells Richard to visit him in 2 years when he is born (which he does!)
- Richard tells John the leader is chosen from a young age (hence Richard's test in 1960)
- The others speak Vulgar Latin, a form of Latin that has almost been dead since the 9th century!
- Confirmed the US military came to the island for testing (hence the US military knife Ana-Lucia found in the Arrow probably came from the crew the others killed).
- Funny how the Others killed both the US soldiers and eventually DHARMA...but our LOSTies have killed the majority of their people :)

Okay...on to tonight....

"The Little Prince" will focus around Kate and Aaron and Kate's efforts to protect Aaron from the lawyers who want the DNA test (one of them being the dad from "My So-Called Life"). If you like guns, you will like tonight. If you like time travel and time-space continuum, you will like tonight. If you like weird connections to past events on the show that can provide some answers to the unexplained, you will like tonight. And one of last season's cliffhanger questions will be resolved TONIGHT!! So grab your ring fingers, grab your whole arm, get ready to get down with the sickness and enter the dark territory, good golly grandmommy, go back and see "Do No Harm" from season 1, get ready to journey into another DHARMA station, and have a tissue for the nosebleeds that will come your way tonight...."

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  1. Thanks for sharing these! I'm loving them so far even though I do skip his brief preview of this week's episode because I'm super scared of being spoiled for anything.