Friday, February 20, 2009

Ugly Betty - There's No Place Like Mode

It was the annual Fashion Week episode on Ugly Betty last night and against that backdrop, we had the rivalry between Elena and Hilda, Fashion Girl and Sports Guy, Molly makeovers, Willie regaining relevance and the birth of the new Meade heir.

Hilda's joy at the end of Elena's nursing service is short-lived when it becomes apparent that she and Ignacio are continuing their romance and taking it to a new level. When they two lovebirds appear at breakfast with Elena wearing Ignacio's ratty old robe, Hilda throws a hissy-fit and Justin steps in. "You're better than that robe. I'm going to get you one of mine."

The conflict comes to an end when Justin gives Elena his ticket to the Mode fashion show which forces Elena into close contact with her nemesis. The two end up bonding over a shared love of spandex and stirrup pants.

The bonding continues with Betty and her new Y.E.T.I. partner. Although Betty had engineered pairing up with someone from the New York Review, Jodi switches things up and Betty--aka "Fashion Girl"--ends up with Matt, the "Sports Guy."

Betty's attempt to do something more meaningful at Mode lands her the opportunity to write the press release for fashion designer Heinrich. When she queries Amanda about him, Amanda replies, "Never heard of him. He must suck." So she and Matt go to check out his studio where they find Heinrich sprawled on the floor.

Greeting Betty he declares, "We will make love. Not today, but someday." Heinrich's designs are adorned with shards of glass and spikes ala Edward Scissorhands. Betty is at a loss as to what to write for the press release, so she and Christina goof around with phrases such as "Prepare to bleed!" But when the joke press release ends up being reported by Suzuki St. Pierre, Betty is sure she will be fired.

But Daniel is miffed about the length of his cuffs--whether they should be peeking or peering from his sleeves. He loved the press release and so did Heinrich. So he puts Betty in charge of producing Heinrich's show. Overwhelmed by the responsibility, Betty ends up being short with Matt who calls her shallow as he walks out.

Betty rushes after him to apologize and offers to allow him to show her his world. In a locker room with naked basketball players, Matt explains to Betty that he wasn't a natural in the sports world. He found his way in by making it personal.

This inspires Betty to research Heinrich and she finds out he grew up behind the Iron Curtain and that his father died trying to escape from behind the Berlin Wall. She uses the motif of the Berlin in Heinrich's show which so impresses the fashion designer that he gifts her with one of his spiky crowns. Betty realizes that fashion is art and thanks Matt for helping her. She promises that she'll have more time to help him learn about fashion now that the show is over. Matt tells her he wasn't really interested in learning about fashion, he was more interested in learning about her.

Okay, Daniel Eric Gold isn't quite as hot as Freddy Rodriguez, but he makes a much better love interest for Betty than Jesse. (For those who are counting: this will be boyfriend number four in two and a half seasons...)

Other than obsessing over his cuffs, Daniel is dealing with bad reviews. Not for Mode or himself, but panning Molly. So he takes it upon himself to get her a makeover. Personally, I liked the before Molly much more than the over-coiffed and cosmetically enhanced after version. Molly seems happy about the results, but ends up skipping out on the rest of the shows and avoiding Daniel.

Daniel asks Betty for advice. "Did you do something stupid?" she asks him. He tells her no--and tells her about the makeover. "You did something stupid," Betty confirms. Daniel calls Molly to apologize and tells her that he likes her just the way she is and loves her. But Molly's issues may not have anything to do with the makeover or the "roof leak" in her apartment--but may have everything to do with the news she received at the doctor's office.

Didn't I say something last week about soap operas where everyone is happy? Looks like the other shoe is about to drop.

Lastly, Wilhelmina was dealing with the unwanted side effects of having a personal life: falling off the radar in the fashion industry. Connor reassures her she'll claw her way back to the top--or at least the front row.

But when Christina goes into labor (which, incidentally, was overdue as by my calculation Christina has been pregnant for over a year now...) and collapses on the runway, Willie seizes her opportunity to grab the spotlight. With Marc cuing the hydraulic lift and the confetti spewing land mine, Wilhelmina raises her baby boy up just like in The Lion King.

Thankfully, Vanessa Williams did not break into Circle of Life...

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