Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Ho-hum

Everyone is all abuzz about the impending Academy Awards which will happen mere hours from now. The Washington Post has no less than a dozen stories dedicated to the event including from Ann Hornaday on what makes a performance "Oscar-worthy", Monica Hesse musing on Gender's Role in the Best Acting categories, Dan Zak's plea to the victor's to keep acceptance speeches short and sweet and finally Celebritologist Liz Kelly's Oscar Bingo to help make the interminably long show a bit more bearable.

Me, I'm already bored with the whole thing. Except for Brad Pitt's Best Actor nomination, the inclusion of Forrest Gump rip-off The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in the Best Picture category and any other picture other than WALL*E vying for Best Animated Feature, all the nominees are deserving of the honor.

Danny Boyle's already received his award from the DGA, so he's a shoo-in for Best Director. Sean Penn and Heath Ledger already won SAG awards, so it would seem that the Best Actor and Supporting Actor awards are a given. The only toss-up will be Best Actress between Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet who both won the SAG version. This also leaves the Best Supporting Actress field open.

Among other forgone conclusions: some idiot on the red carpet will ask a celebrity a completely inane question, some starlet will wear some hideous haute couture, someone will cry, someone will drone on and on and on and the show will last for 900 hours.

There's an Everybody Loves Raymond re-run on tonight. Maybe I'll watch that...

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