Thursday, February 5, 2009

LOST - The Little Prince

For all of us who guessed Jin survived the freighter explosion, last night's episode of LOST provided vindication. What it didn't explain, however, is why Sun blames Ben Linus for Jin's death? She couldn't possibly know what happened in the Orchid with Keamy. If anything, she should be seeking revenge against Widmore, who sent the boat loaded with mercenaries.

The show started with a flashback to the Oceanic Six on Penny's boat and showed us how Kate came to claim Aaron as her own. As depicted by the writers, it was purely selfless. After the loss of Charlie, Boone and Sawyer, Kate couldn't bear to lose Aaron, too. "Sawyer's not dead," Jack tells her. "No, but he's gone," replies Kate.

Jack tells her that he needs to convince the others to lie and asks her if she's with him. "I have always been with you, " she answers.

Flashing forward to the present day, Kate leaves Aaron with Sun as she goes off to talk to the lawyer who sought the blood samples. While she's gone, Sun receives a delivery that contains photos of Ben and Jack and a box of chocolates--with a gun. Now that's a nice Valentine's Day gift!

At the lawyer's, Kate offers to give the blood sample in exchange for being able to speak with the client who hired him. The lawyer says that he doubts his client will agree and that they want to "handle the custody exchange quietly."

At the hospital, Jack is still treating Sayid. He receives a phone call from Hurley who is checking on Sayid's condition from L.A. County lock-up. "Tell Sayid I did exactly what he said," Hurley says to Jack. While Jack is out of the examining room, an orderly enters to give Sayid his meds. But ninja spy Sayid is too quick for the hitman. Sayid's like James Bond, Jack Bauer and Jason Bourne all rolled into one (Ever notice how many super spies have the initials J.B.?).

When Ben and Jack enter the room, they find Sayid going through the tranquilized "orderly's" pockets. He finds a piece of paper with the address 42 Panorama Crest on it. Jack recognizes it as Kate's and calls her to make sure she's okay. He convinces her to let him meet her.

Ben tells him to bring her and Aaron to Long Beach Marina, slip 23 (Is that one of the numbers? Yup, it is...). "We're running out of time," he informs Jack. I wonder where we are in the seventy hour countdown...He and Sayid go to rescue Hurley, while Jack (per usual) chases after Kate.

When Jack finds Kate, she admits to him that "Somebody wants Aaron." The two follow the lawyer to a hotel and the door opens to reveal Claire's mother. After the lawyer leaves, Jack tells Kate to let him talk to Mrs. Littleton. "I can fix this, Kate. I can fix it," he says. Ah, the old familiar "fixing" refrain of St. Jack.

But Claire's mom isn't after Aaron. She doesn't even know he exists. Was anyone surprised that the lawyer worked for Ben, puppetmaster supreme? Kate wasn't--she figured it out as soon as she saw him at the Marina. Meanwhile, Sun is waiting in her car along with Aaron--and a loaded gun.

On the island, as George promised, there were nosebleeds galore. First Charlotte, then Miles and finally Juliet. According to Daniel, the flashes throw off the body's internal clock--like a really bad case of jet lag. He theorizes that duration of exposure is why those who experience it are affected. "I've never been here before two week ago!" scoffs Miles. "Are you sure about that?" asks Daniel.

Hmm...could Miles be the baby we saw in episode one with Dr. Pierre Chang aka Marvin Candle aka Mark Wickmund aka Edgar Halliwax?

At one point, our island sextet flashes back to the night Boone died and Claire gave birth. Nice touch showing us how Kate helped Claire deliver Aaron to reinforce that it was right she raise Aaron off the island.

They make their way back to the beach to retrieve the Zodiac so that they can go back to the Orchid. When they reach the camp, they find the Zodiac missing but a really long canoe-type boat. So they start rowing to the other side of the island.

Sawyer tells Juliet about seeing Kate and Claire during the last flash. "Time travel's a bitch," he says. Right at that moment, they come under attack by gunfire by a group pursuing them in another boat. As they frantically row to escape, there's another flash.

"Thank you, Lord!" cries Sawyer only to retract his gratitude when the new flash lands the group in the midst of a monsoon. "I take that back!" Sawyer yells. When they reach the beach, Charlotte discovers some wreckage. As soon as the question, "Does anyone speak French?" was posed, I knew we would see the return of Rosseau.

Indeed, the shipwrecked expedition was traveling to the island when they came across a man floating in the water. They pull him aboard their raft and start questioning him when they reach land. One of the group, a young pregnant woman, asks Jin's name and tells him hers: Danielle Rosseau.

I'm happy to see Rosseau back and get more insight into her story. Although I'm disappointed that we probably won't be seeing Mira Furlan, but instead the young Rosseau who is being played by Melissa Farman.

Hmm...ever noticed how a lot of actresses playing shipwrecked French scientists have the initials M.F.?

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