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For those of you counting down the hours 'til the latest episode of LOST airs tonight, here's George's most recent update:

Hello LOSTies,

Some of you may have thought that last week's "The Little Prince" wasn't what the other episodes had provided. I challenge that. Let's look why:

1) It was Ben, not Carole, that hired Dan Norton to fight Kate on her status of "mother" to Aaron.
2) Kate's address was found in Tony's not only was Sayid in trouble of getting killed, so was Kate and Aaron.
3) Sun's got a gun and she's mad as hell. But apparently Ben can prove Jin is alive.

speaking of which...

4) Jin is ALIVE! Found floating on the ocean as he's been time traveling with the rest of the LOSTies.
5) Miles and Juliet now show signs of nosebleed. Daniel asked Miles if he had ever been to the island before. Hmmm...could he be Pierre's baby???


1) November 1, 2004 - The day the Desmond shed some light on Locke, the night Boone died, and the night Clair gave birth to Aaron. Sawyer seeing the latter up close and hidden. Could the whispers be the future LOSTies hiding from the past LOSTies??
2) 2005 - The beach camp was back, but now ransacked and the remaining 815ers (like Rose and Bernard) having fled. They find a canoe, but not the Zodiac. Once they took the canoe, to go to Orchid, an unknown group began shooting at them.
3) 1988 - Danielle Rousseau and her team (including Brennan, Montand, and Nadine, among others) find Jin in the ocean, which the time traveling crew is looking at the wreckage.

So, let's chat about Ajira Airlines, the logo on the water bottle Sawyer found in the canoe. Juliet is quick to note it's an airliner based in India. You can visit them at

Thanks to French fans, we are able to translate what is said by Rousseau's team:

---on the raft---

Robert: We never should have followed those damn numbers.
Unknown: It's not my fault, Brennan was at the sonar.
Brennan: If you listened to Montand, he already said the instruments malfunctioned.
Danielle: Man at sea!
Robert: What? I thought we were all there?
Unknown: We are all there! It's not one of ours.
Unknown: Then who is it?
Unknown: Start paddling! Paddle! Paddle, come on!
Unknown: Hurry up, he's going with the current!
Montand: There's only him - no boat, nothing.
Danielle: For the love of God, Brennan, shut up.
Unknown: Bring him aboard! There. He's still breathing.

---on the beach---

Montand: Robert, look, the signal is coming from the island.
Robert: Can you determine the source?
Montand: Of course, look.
Robert: You think the island is inhabited?
Danielle: [To Jin] Are you OK? How are you feeling?
[Jin & Danielle start speaking in English]
Robert: Who is it?
Montand: Who cares who it is. What's he doing here?
Danielle: He says he came on a boat.
[To Montand]
Montand, leave him, he's in shock!
[To Robert]
Do we have water to give him?
[Robert comes back with the water]
Robert: Here.
Danielle: Thanks.

And remember, Robert is Alex's dad and Danielle is a few days from delivering Alex. tonight....and "THIS PLACE IS DEATH"...which means....

Someone dies tonight!!! YAY!!! We haven't had a major character death since Michael and Keamy's deaths in the season finale of last season....bout time...time...hehe...that's such a relative word now on the show.

The episode focuses in on Sun and Jin, on and off the island. Sun and the gun is not having fun but with news about Jin it might make her grin, but first there is a symbol that might circle back this storyline. Will Sun decide to join the O6 and Ben or will her undercover status with Charles Widmore be of more importance. But why will you be watching tonight....better's why you should....oh come on...I wouldn't tell you flat out...not like you were attending church tonight.

Let's put it this way....a familiar friend will make a wicked visit...and I wouldn't be surprised if it is eye-opening.

I'll just leave you with that....someone dies tonight.....betting starts NOW!
Hmm...who dies tonight? Maybe Charlotte? That nosebleed didn't look so good last episode. As for the familiar friend making a wicked visit, I'm gonna guess Jacob. Or maybe the indestructible Mikhail.

Just five more hours until I find out!

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